DIY: McDonalds inspired mural

We are currently working on our first full design / decor project as Leclair Decor. Everything has been coming along great.. Slowly but surely. We're finally at the stage where we're filling up the walls with art, shelves and murals. I have to admit, I don't step in McDonalds restaurants very often but have admired their recent efforts to modernize their store designs from afar. I noticed the grey and white stripe pattern while driving by one day and thought it would be perfect for a currently bare wall on our project.  I did a lil' googling a found out that Juicy from Australia are behind the revamped McDonalds look. Check out their site from some other great retail designs!

We thought this could really work. After spending quite a bit on wallpapers, we were looking to do something rather inexpensive for this wall. We already had the paint, all we were going to need is some string, tape and patience. I quickly photoshopped what the mural could look like in the space and sent it to the client as a proposal, quite unsure if he would go for such dramatic hit. But.. he loved the idea, so planning began!

First step was to use string to ensure we had straight lines. Using the picture above on an ipad as our general design guideline. Second we taped all the lines with painters tape, again using the strings as guidelines.

We then started the painting by applying a first layer of the original wall color (light grey) around the edges. This we were told would help with the darker color bleeding through the tape. After waiting 30 minutes for that coat to dry we went all out with the dark grey infills. Again we waited 30 minutes for that coat to dry and finished it off with a second dark coat. We then started removing the tape very cautiously. Most of it came off without a hitch but some areas didn't peel too smooth. We had used 2 different types of tapes and 1 had performed better than the other. But, no biggie, a few touch ups and voila! Big impact for next to no money!

Stay tuned for the finals pictures of this project!