Living room update!

After having our living room set up for around 2 years now we felt it time for a little change. We used our original "red mountains" pictures in a project and ended up selling them to the client so we had to make new art. The red and orange colour scheme was great but we decided to go even more neutral with a bold "L" to represent you know what and a fun art edit on the right using pictures we recently took of our trip to Yosemite, California. The new large Ikea FJÄLLSTA frames are great. Over the past while we also collected the vintage phone (we don't even have a land line), the white geometric bowl and switched out one of the lamps for a vintage gold piece we found on Queen st in Toronto. We switched out our old bamboo sticks for real birch branches for more texture. Overall a more collected look. The chair is most likely on the outs but we haven't found the right replacement yet so for now it stays!