Manhattan Apartment

sarasapp_nyc_2New project alert! We recently finished our latest and first out of town project in NYC. Our friend & client from Ottawa recently moved to the big apple and wanted our help to style her new Hells Kitchen walk up. After a few months of looking, our client finally found this beautiful apartment merely blocks from Times Square. During our first trip down we were actually the first to get the keys from the broker. We spent the first few days receiving shipments from CB2 and Ikea and scouring the city for accents. We were hoping to get the apartment done in 1 trip but we soon realized that wasn't going to be realistic. Getting things, receiving things, bringing things up 5 flights of stairs and finding places to park proved to be much more difficult than in Ottawa (duh, obviously) but it was a great learning experience.

For our second trip down we came better prepared and a tad bit more Manhattan savvy. Most of the main furniture was in place by then but we brought down stools, lamps, art and more accents and were able to finish the look we were aiming for.

Due to the client only staying a year in New York and moving back to Canada afterwards, we worked on a very tight budget and kept re-purposing the furniture in mind for the future. In the end, we are ecstatic how this place turned out!

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