Fairhaven - Riverside South

IMG_71172 In November 2013 we were contacted by Richcraft, one of Ottawa's largest developers to inquire if we would be interested in staging their new showcase of single and town homes in the ever expanding Riverside south community. Although the project seemed intimidating at first ( 9 houses in a tight time frame), this was a designers dream and an offer and challenge we joyfully accepted.

Seen here is the largest Richcraft town house model offered, the Fairhaven. We took styling cues and inspiration from the floors, the door panels and the kitchen finishes. We decided to go for a Modern Farmhouse look with playful bird and horse accents with pops of light blue and orange to appeal to retirees and growing families alike.

We'll be showcasing all the model homes we've done over the past 7 months in the next little while so stay tuned!

Fairhaven wide copy IMG_7110 IMG_7162 IMG_7155 IMG_7150 IMG_7145 IMG_7142 IMG_7139 IMG_7136 IMG_7126 IMG_7095 IMG_7094