Metal of the Moment: (Not your grandma’s) Brass

Like all heroes of the 1970s (I’m looking at you, glam rock and bellbottoms), the heavily lacquered brass finish of your great aunt’s table lamps eventually receded into the shadows of hiatus to do some serious soul searching. As the popular California-glam style of the 70s gave way to a sleeker, cooler home style trend in the 1980s and 90s, silver toned metals stepped into the spotlight as our metal of choice. Our lives were getting busier - we needed lower maintenance homewares. Nickel, chrome, and polished stainless steel offered a crisp compliment to the hectic reality of daily life during the digital boom. We rushed out in droves to fill our homes with concrete, clean lines, and clinical finishes.

Lucille Floor LampSputnik Brass Pendant Light

(Make the most of brass’ natural aptitude for reflection and sheen with sculptural lamps and permanent fixtures. Lucille Floor Lamp - Leclair Decor, Sputnik Brass Pendant - Leclair Decor)

Thirty years later, having long ago come out the other side of the high-tech honeymoon period, many of us now yearn for a home environment that offers a retreat from, and not a reminder of, the computer driven rat race of both work and social life.


(Add a hit of glamour to refined kitchen and bathroom spaces with brass faucets and cabinet hardware.)

Enter (or re-enter) rich gold tones. Where silver metals are a mysterious stranger in the corner at a party, gold finishes are an open book and natural story-teller. They convey warmth, history, approachable luxury, and contemporary romance. With home style now favouring the character of imperfection, brass, a gold alloy of copper and zinc, works well in its unfinished state. It will evolve, but not rust, leaving a gorgeous patina which actually adds to its depth and personality over time. It’s the perfect metal finish for strong statements or subtle touches in any living space needing a boost.

 alymerCouture Dining Table(Look for furniture that uses brass in conjunction with natural materials (like marble or live edge wood) to add eclectic flare to living and dining rooms.
Couture Dining Table - Leclair Decor)