Our New house! - The First Month 

img_3002 This past winter, with a growing family and business, we started to feel that our first (and well-loved) home was feeling a bit… cozy.  Our office was situated directly beside our nursery which made for lots of tip-toeing and daily firings of whomever laughed too loud and woke the baby.  We toyed with the idea of flying the nest and bringing the business to an outside office space, but ultimately decided it was more practical and cost-effective for us to buy a bigger house and keep our business home based for now.

We quickly realized that it would be tough to find a house with finishes we truly loved, even with lots of updates. We didn't want to pay for someone else's renovation when we’re sure to be doing lots of our own update work over time. It’s a blessing and a curse to be a decorator while home hunting!

Just as we were starting to feel discouraged, an ad for a house popped up on -of all places- our Facebook feed. It was in a great neighbourhood and had recently been price reduced for a quick sale.  Yes, the kitchen, bathrooms and floors were going to need a complete overhaul, but otherwise it had a great layout for us and that’s exactly what we were looking for - good bones. The basement was partially finished, which was another stroke of luck. We wanted a great space to build the new Leclair Decor offices, so it was nice to have some groundwork done but the ability to finish it off ourselves. It would become our first project in the new house.

We put an offer in and, with minimal negotiations (thankfully), we struck a deal! The next chapter of our lives was about to be in full swing.

If you aren't familiar with the Leclair story, our business came to be after we posted pictures of our decor projects after buying our first home in 2011. That house was the launching pad for Leclair Decor, and we are so excited for our second home to help us take our business to the next level. Our tastes have evolved over the past five years, and so has our client base. In taking on and documenting the renovations in our own home, we’re looking forward to showing you that Leclair Decor is ready for bigger and bolder projects!  

With that said, let's get into this! The first month:

Before we even moved in, we brought over some of our existing furniture to stage the house and throw a party for our son's first birthday. This was a great way for our friend and family  to experience the "before" of this transformation in person.

The first order of business was to paint the entire house! With the help of our trusty and talented painters, Roll Her Sleeves, the entire house got a refresh.  First up was Hugo's room, which was a bright blue green mix. We removed a strip of moulding and painted it a soft grey with a dramatic black accent wall. We’ll add to the black wall in time,  but for now we are still undecided on the theme.





The main floor was painted a greeny grey, but we really wanted to brighten the entire space and go in a different direction than our last home. We painted the entire main floor one our favourite colours: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

Next up was lighting! Within a week of moving in, we’d changed the majority of the fixtures in the house. The only light we took from our old place was the Schoolhouse Electric Vega 5, which was previously the star of Hugo’s nursery. We repurposed it in the entrance this time around..

Our new bedroom has a soaring ceiling and was begging for something oversized and dramatic. We put up the Edisonna II from our Online Shoppe and couldn’t be more pleased with how it looks.   

That’s it for now. With a busy little boy and lot of exciting client projects on the go, the process is slow but steady. Stay tuned for regular progress updates!

If you’re a brand that might be interesting in collaborating with us on our home remodel project,  we’d love to hear hear from you!    

Family photo portrait credit to Urban Bent Studio.