Tips on decorating for Christmas

415B2948 We all love to complain about the stress of the holidays, but getting fully into the spirit can ease some of the pressure and keep this time of year feeling joyful and fun! Decorating your home is a tried and true method for upping the festive feel, and it’s not as hard as you think. Put on some Bublé, recruit some helper elves, and follow our tips for a simple and cozy Christmas facelift:


1. Greenery

Seasonal greenery is a great way to decorate for the holidays. We went to our local flower shop and chose a few different types of greenery branches. Mixing warm and cold weather greenery adds a modern twist to the classic cedar branch, and you can put it just about anywhere: Mantle, table, stair railing. Get some twist ties and get creative. We used a combination of cedar, eucalyptus, pine, and oregonia.


2. Ornaments

We like to keep it simple with tree ornaments, and stick to one main colour and one metallic finish.  For a more ‘collected’ look, layer in some ornaments of different textures, finishes and shapes, but keep your overall colour scheme in mind. We used white and gold here for a relaxed, neutral look.


3. Gift wrapping

Who doesn't love wrapping gifts!? Okay, almost everyone. That said, beautifully wrapped gifts under a tree are like the cherry on top (bottom?!). When it comes to gift wrapping, don’t stress about elaborate papers, ribbons, and bows. We went for a minimal Scandinavian-inspired look using brown craft paper, olive coloured ribbon, rustic twine, and oregonia sprigs.


4. Set up a casual table

We wish our table could look like this year round! Here are some ideas for your holiday table setting (you can do this in under 5 minutes!):

- Add some candle holders to add dimension and height to the table

- Invest in som cloth napkins and use a string or ribbon (or both) as a napkin ring

- Replace the runner with loose greenery. We used a combination of pine boughs and eucalyptus branches here for a lush, natural table scape


Overall, we kept everything simple, refined, and nature inspired and were so pleased with the finished product. The white, gold, and green was a perfect fit for the soft rustic feel of Richcraft’s newest Pratt model.


Wishing you and your family a very happy & cozy holiday season! All the best in 2018!

Photography: Dominique Rioux