Monday Inspiration 02.19.18

We're all kept pretty busy around here with client meetings and site checks and project installs etc., but we try to have a housekeeping meeting with our team every Monday to check in with about what's on the go. To keep the meetings fun, we recently started asking our staff to come prepared with an image to share, and we spend a couple minutes discussing them and getting inspired for the week. As a new weekly feature, we'll be sharing our team's selections and giving you a glimpse at what's clogging up our screenshots folder. So much amazingness!

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Sacha: I'm inspired by this bold and simple art and you can never go wrong with leather and marble!


Source: Blakes London

Eve: I like unique touches incorporated in the design, like the subway tile on the back of the glass cabinets, the exposed plumbing on the copper faucet and the sunken herb garden in the centre of the kitchen island - which sits on casters, so super practical!
This is also a great example of how you can mix materials while keeping a cohesive design. They used flat panel lower cabinets made of wood, painted glass upper cabinets, marble countertop and backsplash, subway tile and even a bead-board wall.
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Design: Lustre Home
Dominique: This before and after house exterior! The more you look, the more details you’ll notice were improved on. I especially love this because there are a lot of houses in my Ottawa neighbourhood, North Vanier, that look like the before picture. This gives me hope that they can be pretty again.
Grace: I'm inspired by how a bunch of different materials were mixed here but the space still feels totally cohesive and peaceful. Just goes to show that the 'three finish rule' is kinda bogus if you pay attention to detail and stay away from competing strong patterns. Standout feature: the tiled 'mantle' in the brick fireplace - so obsessed.

Marilyne: Nothing better than white walls as a backdrop for bold colours, textures and a bit of your personal story!
Design: Design Works
Melissa: This marble backsplash is just so stunning and that hit of wood on the range is the perfect detail! Yes please!
Natalie: This burnt orange colour is all the rage right and I'm totally into it! Our Candace Chandelier looks especially stunning in this space as well!