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It's no secret that I love black and white and exteriors are no exception! There's something timeless about this colour combo that I'm drawn to. Fun fact my childhood home was a black and white farmhouse and a place that will forever hold some of my favourite memories. Hopefully, our house will be that for our kids! This place is all kinds of amazing, with its oversized windows and beautiful modern details mixed with classic elements throughout.

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Go Logic


These three small cabins connected by a deck off the coast of Rockland, Maine are making me want to run away to a salty, East Coast cabin for a weekend getaway. The mitered white pine siding and sliding barn privacy doors will turn greyish-white with age, making the exterior blend even more perfectly with the surrounding granite landscape. So dreamy!

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Barrow Building Group


I love the horizontal railings and all the details here. Really digging what these guys are doing!

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Antony Polyvianyi 


Going for an all-black exterior can be a bold decision but the results can also be pretty amazing. The oversized windows in this rendering balance the dark exterior and really create a beautiful house in the woods!

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LR Design Studio


I love how they mixed materials on the different levels of this elevation and used stone and vertical siding with the metal roof. This home is from 2012 and still keeps popping up on Pinterest 6 years later! Truly a timeless look.