Fireplace Inspiration | Team Picks

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Every Monday (or almost every Monday) each of our team members share a photo that's inspiring them. This week we decided to focus on fireplaces!

Photo source:

Desire to Inspire


Unknown (Please comment if you know!)


The simple painted out fireplace is gorgeous but it's really the styling that's speaking to me. Different size and finish frames are a perfect way to accentuate this typical focal point.




Renovation Architect:

Mowery Marsh Architects


I love the way the fireplace is a soft focal point in this space. It's modern lines pair well with the contrasting white to grab your attention, but it's simplicity allow the outdoor beauty surrounding it to still shine through. Also you know me I love a black and white space ;)

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Bower Architecture 


Maybe because we’re in the middle of summer, but all I can think about right now is embracing outdoor living as much as possible. This mid-century inspired outdoor fireplace with white brick facing, slate stone bench and built-in firewood storage hits the mark. Someone pass the marshmallows ;)



Sarah Sherman Samuel 


Architectural Digest 


If you haven’t seen Mandy Moore’s 1950’s home designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel yet, here is a sneak peek of just some of its goodies. The living room has this amazing fireplace that I knew I wanted to use as my pick for today’s inspo post. I love seeing how old finishes can be reimagined in a fresh, modern way and this asymmetrical floating hearth finished in hand laid oversized terrazzo is my favourite thing about this space.

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Tamara Magel 


: I think it’s great how they made the buildout out of drywall and painted it the same colour as the walls. The soapstone detailing and crisp modern lines are just beautiful!