Shop the Look | Baldwin Bedroom


The master bedroom in Richcraft’s Baldwin model home in Findlay Creek is giving us all the feels! It’s OG Leclair Decor: high contrast black and white with hits of warm neutrals and texture. First up is the bed: we created a beautiful hotel-like like experience with an upholstered bed, luxurious organic sheets, and a mix of beautifully textured pillows!


Next up, we added this sculptural ceiling fixture that brings the drama to this space. We are especially pro-dimmer in the bedroom: you can keep things light and bright while folding laundry or tidying up, but shift to low ambient lighting for getting ready to catch some zzz’s.


Last but not least is dressing up your night stands and dresser. Table top decor is not always a top priority in bedrooms but trust us, it matters. Surface styling is the life you breathe into a room, and it takes your space from being a functional sleeping box to a beautiful retreat that represents YOU.