Fairfax Nursery Reveal


When we stumbled upon this darker woodland wallpaper from Anewall -complete with baby deer, bunnies, owls, and wildflower bunches crawling with ladybugs- the vision for the room immediately started to fall into place. To keep things from feeling too heavy and dark (this is still a kid’s room, even if it’s classed up), we opted for a half wall of the wallpaper on top and applied wall mouldings for the lower half. We love how the bottom half of the wall is so classic and the top half is so playful!

To add a little more lightness, we went with relaxed white linen curtain panels and a white dresser at either side of the room. We chose a classic profile for the crib, but opted for a more relaxed woodgrain finish to keep things woodsy, and went with a slightly reflective rug that feels feminine but not overly girly.


The showpiece in this room is definitely the modern green velvet chair. Our clients realized after their first baby that a glider in the nursery wasn’t a must-have for their family, so we had some freedom to pick essentially any chair that felt right for the space. The deep emerald colour is pulled straight out of the leafy greenery in the wallpaper and the gold legs are a modern pop in an otherwise pretty classic space. Just goes to show that you don’t need to be tied to ‘kids furniture’ for kids’ spaces!

We finished the space with a vintage-inspired light fixture and floor lamp, a couple cozy throw pillows, plenty of adorable stuffed animals, and of course some fresh flowers and greenery. The little lady arrived right on time and we hope she has as much fun growing up in this room as we did putting it together for her.