Our Family Room! Metrie Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap Ceiling


Who loves actual popcorn? We do! Who loves popcorn ceilings? Pretty much nobody. Who loves shiplap? Pretty much everybody.

You can probably see where we are going with this. To catch you up to speed, we bought our home in 2016 with the intent of housing our offices and renovating this builder basic suburban home room by room. We barely lasted 6 months with our basement office before it became apparent that we needed to move to a commercial space. After moving into and renovating our new Canotek studio, our personal home dropped on the priority list.


Fast forward a few years and we are more than ready to finally make our house the home we always envisioned. Our plan is to move out for 3 months next year to replace all the floors, the staircase and renovate the kitchen and all baths. Until then we are tackling smaller projects and one of those is getting rid of all popcorn ceilings in the house. We already removed the stipple in our daughter's room but it remains in all other spaces. Scraping the ceilings can be a messy job, especially when you are still living in the space so we had the idea of covering major areas with shiplap.

That's when Metrie contacted us about doing a collaboration and it felt like they read our minds!! They have this great new Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap product available at select Lowe’s across Canada and the United States that fit the job perfectly. Typically, this is an easy to use product that most DIYers could install in a weekend. Since we run a busy business and we have to entertain our two young children on the weekends, our time for such projects is pretty limited these days. Therefore, we hired our good friend Nick from Inwood Renovations to do the job. This type of work is right up his alley so he was pretty excited to take this on.


Since the joists run the same way we wanted to install the shiplap, for longevity, Nick felt it was a good idea to use strapping in this case. While the project moved along we decided to throw in the fireplace makeover. Since moving in, the fireplace has been an eyesore and we really wanted to modernize it. As you can see it came with this ornate trim kit. It was a struggle to figure out what to do with it and at one point we considered replacing it completely for 5k! Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and Nick came up with the idea to use pieces of his own fireplace that he was planning to remove to fill in the spaces left empty from removing the trim kit. We cleaned the glass and voila, our fireplace looked brand new!

We also decided to add a little depth by bumping out the wall 2 inches which made everything look built in. Our talented painter Roll Her Sleeves then came in and applied a faux concrete finish. We got a TON of questions about this when we shared this process on Instagram stories and yes it's FAUX and it looks amazing!!

Many of you curious cats also asked where our cable box is located. You can spot it in the photo above in the media unit. We fished the wires through the wall, down into the basement and back up into that corner.

Overall we are SO happy how this all turned out!! Popcorn GONE, gorgeous, timeless shiplap ceilings IN! Next year we'll be replacing the floors and all trim!

Stay tuned for a full video of the process and part two of this collab in our son's room!

Source list: Shiplap | Art | Pendant | Rug | Leather Ottoman | Armchair | Plant | Media Unit | Table Lamp | Side Table |

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