Entryway Roadmap | What to Consider & Our Favourite Design Options


Nothing welcomes you and your guests home quite like a statement entryway. We’ve put together a little roadmap that outlines what to consider when designing your entryway along with our three go-to design options.

Top three things to keep in mind before tackling your entryway.

  • Consider the functionality of the area. Is it a place for keys, storage or simply decorative?

  • Examine how much space and the layout you’re working with. Is there a window in your entryway, or a long empty wall? Do you have a large foyer?

  • Reflect on the style of your home. The entryway should reflect the overall design of your home and compliment both the exterior and interior of your space.

Now that you’ve considered our three key factors you’re ready to pick which front entry design is best for your home. Here are our go-to’s:

Go-To Design Option 1: Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an amazing way to make a big impact in a small space. We like to use a fun print to add personality and flare to help create an inviting entry. When choosing a wallpaper option consider the scale of the print with respect to the size of the overall entryway. Typically, entryways are a smaller space and therefore require a smaller scale pattern.

Don’t forget to factor in where the wallpaper will end, you don’t want it to feel abrupt or out of place. If wallpaper is out of your budget or if you’re currently renting then you should consider peel and stick wall decals. They are a fun alternative and great on the budget.

Here are our current favourite wallpaper prints (*the third option is a wall decal):

Go-To Design Option 2: Styled Console Table

There is a sense of satisfaction when you have a perfectly styled console greeting you at your front entry; a place for keys, a mirror for final touches and a light for ambiance. The most important factor to keep in mind when picking a console table is the depth. Measure the width of adjacent walls to ensure your table is the right fit for your space and won’t be in the way of traffic.

We love to hang a large round mirror, incorporate a lamp and add a bowl for keys where the space allows to help create a front entry focal point.

If you find you are in need of storage consider a closed cabinet sideboard or incorporating baskets under your console table.

Here are current favourite console tables that we are dying to use in a clients home:

Go-To Design Option 3: Bench & Pillow Vignette

Carp Project   | Shop the Look:     Oxford Bench  ,     Hollis Planter  , Similar Pillow:     Grace Pillow  ,   Lemon Tree

When space is limited a bench is a perfect option to create a welcoming front entry nook. It may also be key for your family or guests to have a place to sit while putting on shoes. The best part about a bench at the entryway is that it is so easy to style with beautiful accent pillows, a basket and even a cute runner.

Here are our top entryway bench picks:

Don’t forget this is just a roadmap to get you started. It doesn’t have to be one option or the other. Have fun with your entryway! Consider combining pieces from different design options to make the space your own and reflect your personal style.

There you have it, our three favourite ways to create a statement entryway. Comment below and let us know how you’ve styled your entryway!