Fave Five | From Sacha's Birthday Trip in Tremblant


Anytime we are looking for an adventure, to relax, or a little bit of both, we head to the mountains! Sacha and I have been completely smitten with Mont Tremblant (a small mountain-side ski town about 3 hours from Ottawa) since our own story began many moons ago. Many of you may not know this story, so here it is!

If you’ve ever wondered where the mountain in our logo came from, that’s where. We started heading up to Tremblant for short trips shortly after we started dating and we were hooked immediately. It was this magical place you could escape to that offered endless adventures and peaceful relaxation in equal measures. We’d spend our days on the slopes and then unwind in the evening in hot tubs with our fav après-ski beverages in hand. We fell for each other and our experiences there at the same time. It will forever be a special place for us (we’ve since brought our sweet kiddos many times) and we thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate Sacha’s 37th. I haven’t always been super into birthdays but after having kids and realizing that life is moving along at lightening speed, I’ve decided to put a little more effort into slowing down and carving out time to celebrate life’s milestones (one of the many things Rachel Hollis taught me: “Girl, Wash Your Face and Celebrate Your Birthday”!)

Sacha needed no encouragement as he loves celebrations and receiving gifts, ha!

No. 1 The Q

The Q Hotel has been on our splurge list for a while as a place to spend an evening, and this was the perfect excuse! It did not disappoint. The room welcomed us with the sweet sounds of jazz music and a stunning lake view off the terrace. It was truly relaxing.

Quintessence Hotel | Photo by Sacha Leclair

Quintessence Hotel | Photo by Sacha Leclair

No. 2 The Hike

Sacha has been wanting to hike the two hour Grande Brulé trail all summer so this was our chance sans kids. We didn’t give ourselves ample time (you should!) and departed right at 3pm with the last gondola ride down from the top leaves at 5pm. Are you doing the math? We didn’t leave a minute to spare. He of course wanted to stop along the way to take photos so this left us scrambling to the top, literally running straight up the steepest pitch at the end. We were really feeling the ‘big burn’ (the trail’s well-deserved name)! Thankfully, we made it just in time with another couple scrambling to get there at the same time. With a high five to the crew member stationed at the top, we hopped in the gondola and headed down, taking in the beautiful sights and feeling so grateful we made it. Phew!

Sacha excited for his birthday and grateful we made it!

Sacha excited for his birthday and grateful we made it!

No. 3 The Evening view

There are so many beautiful sight and view points in the Laurentians, but the one from the hotel spa at sunset was pretty amazing, I must say. It was a much deserved reward after that crazy hike. We went back to the hotel, listened to some jazz, sipped on a craft beer and then headed down to warm up in the hot tub. It was truly a beautiful evening!

Evening View

Evening View

No. 4 The Bike Ride

We hopped into Old Tremblant, rented two bikes and headed out onto the beautifully paved trails that run through the old village and all throughout the mountainside. The trails were full of fellow cyclists, joggers and people taking a leisurely walk (shoutout to the friendly ladies who offered to take our photo!)

We traveled along the river through the forest, past the golf course and ended up back where we started with big smile on our faces and grumbling bellies. Luckily our favourite lunch spot in Tremblant, La Sandwicherie, is located beside the rental shop. They have great little sandwiches!


No.5 Time Together

Our lives take us in so many different directions every day and all at lightening speed. It’s so nice to take in those moments when we can to just be: sit quietly and hold hands, chat through dinner about our day and our dreams, and sleep in just a little. I’m so grateful for these moments.