Creating a Playful and Functional Nursery

For weeks we have been swooning over the most beautiful furniture, accessories and art for nurseries and kids rooms getting our kids collection ready for you! We are so excited to launch the collection on Saturday August 24th! But until then we’ll continue daydreaming about all the beautiful nurseries you’ll be able to create once we’ve launched. Here are our 6 tips to create a playful nursery that is designed to last!

Tip 1: Pick a Classic Wall Colour

Pick a classic wall colour. While bright coloured walls are fun when they are little, choosing a classic colour will help you in the long run. Get creative with adding colour through accessories and smaller details. That way you can keep up with what they like and won’t have to re-paint their room over and over again. 

Tip 2: Where to Anchor the Crib

Make sure you anchor your crib on the correct wall. This is the place where your eye is naturally drawn to when you walk into a room. As your child grows you’ll also be able to place their larger bed in this same space.

Creating a playful nursery that is designed to last by Leclair Decor, Ottawa based interior design firm.

Tip 3: Invest in Proper Drapery

Invest in proper drapery with a liner that blocks light. This is important because of sleep schedules. You can even get drapery that helps with noise reduction, creating the perfect space for your little one! Added bonus: good quality drapes will last for years.

Tip 4: Always Add Texture

Use rugs, accent pillows and baskets to add texture and a mature element to the space. This helps the room from feeling too kiddy.

Creating a playful nursery that is designed to last by Leclair Decor, Ottawa based interior design firm.

Tip 5: Include an Armchair

Always include a comfortable chair to sit down and nurse or read to your little one at night. An ottoman is definitely an added bonus in terms of comfort and will help fill out the space that a bed would typically occupy.

Tip 6: Consider Storage

Consider storage and all of the smaller items babies have that you will need easy access to. Dressers are a must in nurseries because they can double as change tables and provide out of sight storage.

There you have it! Our 6 tips to creating a playful nursery that is designed to last. Leave us a comment below if you have any questions otherwise stay tuned for our kids collection launching August 24th! We are so excited!

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