Kitchen Styling | Our Top 3 Tips


Styling tips and tricks are our fav! We thought we’d tackle another popular area often referred to as the heart of the home; The Kitchen. We have put together some simple and easy ideas to help you amp up your kitchens style game.

The kitchen is such an important space in any home because it’s the room where your family, or at least ours, tends to spend the most time together. As many of you know our kitchen is currently next up on our list of home reno’s that we can’t wait to tackle! While this renovation has been in limbo since we moved in (3 years ago, eek!), it has really helped to have our kitchen styled in the interim. So, here’s a list of our top three things to consider when styling a kitchen.

3 Important Considerations When Styling a Kitchen

  1. Function and Practicality

  2. Add a Touch of Freshness

  3. Switch it Up

3 Key Kitchen Styling Tips from Ottawa Interior Design Firm Leclair Decor

Function and Practicality

The most important factor when it comes to styling any kitchen is by far the “daily routine” factor. While having a proper floor plan is super important for this space, so is having a spot for everything you use on a daily basis. This will help you make the most of your space and keep messes at a minimum. For example if you have open shelving in your home, consider placing items that you use daily in arms reach, while still maintaining a styled look. This can be done by not putting out a full set of 12 glasses but rather, a smaller amount so that the shelf can also share the space with something more decorative that you may use a little less often. 

See more of the  Carp Project

See more of the Carp Project

Add a Touch of Freshness

Fresh cut flowers or branches, a big bowl of pears or artichokes, these touches are so important for adding elements of life into your space. As mentioned earlier, the kitchen really is the heart of the home and is the perfect place to appreciate fresh florals. We love using oversized vases and bowls that have lots of character to them. Consider using a wood bowl to add a touch of warmth to an all white kitchen. Using larger decorative items keeps clutter to a minimum which simply makes for a happier space.

Switch it Up

It is super important to switch up your kitchen styling because of how much time you spend in this area of your home. Changing up the floral arrangements and swapping out your bowl of fruit is a great way to avoid getting bored of your space. Here’s a little Leclair Decor insider tip: cut some fun branches off a bush or tree in your backyard. You’d be surprised how good they will look if you have selected the right vase! 

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be a “once a year” event! Give your kitchen the TLC it deserves by decluttering and re-organizing regularly. This helps your home feel like a brand new space! We hope this post has inspired you to give your kitchen a little extra love and attention. Even if you can’t afford to renovate your kitchen (trust us, we know waiting is hard!) proper styling can go a long way!

What area of the home would you like help styling next? Let us know in the comments below!