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Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design
Our Impact

We believe that a sense of home is foundational to human happiness — and that we all have a part to play in building a beautiful world to call home. At LD, our values and practices target ongoing impact in three main areas.

Community Stewardship

Communities are stronger when we take care of one another. As active members of our community, we’re committed to charitable giving in our city and beyond, as well as to creating opportunities for small business owners.

  • We commit regular donations to the Ottawa Food Bank, Black Health Alliance, Legacy of Hope Foundation, Capital Pride, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Veterans Emergency Transition Services, Ottawa Humane Society, and Habitat for Humanity.

  • We host vendor pop-ups and artisan market events at LD Shoppe to shine a spotlight on local small business owners creating incredible products.

  • Through our community design project, we gifted a complete living room makeover to a deserving local family with the help of generous vendors and partners.

Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design
Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design
Social Justice

We respect the dignity and human rights of all people and celebrate the differences that make each of us unique. As a company, we are intentional about building a diverse team, using our platform to lift the voices and advance the work of marginalized folks, and supporting our employees in doing the work to ignite positive change.

  • We established a scholarship program to help address the significant underrepresentation of BIPOC designers in our industry. The scholarship is available to Canadian students who identify as members of the BIPOC community and who are studying Interior Design or Interior Decorating.

  • Our team members have access to a library of educational resources that primarily explore topics of race, racial justice, active allyship, and other social justice issues. Reimbursement is available for each team member who wishes to purchase additional resources to continue their learning journey.

Climate Responsibility

We believe that every person and business should be held accountable for their environmental impact. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we take sustainability into account when it comes to selecting local products and materials, seeking business partners, and improving our shipping and packaging processes. We acknowledge that we have more work to do to reduce our waste in the online retail era.

  • We purchased a cardboard converter in 2021 that allows us to recycle our procurement cardboard to create our own packing material and significantly reduce our cardboard pickup and waste.

  • We commit a monthly donation to the ALUS New Acre Project, which supports farmers and ranchers to build nature, one acre at a time. Our donation supports a New Acre Project in the Eastern Ontario and Quebec regions.

Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design

We know we have a lot more work to do in all three of these areas. We are committed to continuing to listen and learn, and we are exploring new ways to take action. We have additional initiatives in the works that we hope to add to these lists in the coming months.

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