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Community Project Reveal

We’re so excited to finally be bringing you the BIG reveal of our Community Project Makeover Giveaway! This was such an incredible project for so many reasons. The transformation of the space is so dramatic and there’s a wave of emotions we feel when we think about the reveal moment and the impact we’ve had on the family (and their impact on us). This is truly a project we will never forget. We’re so grateful to all of the generous contributors from our amazing community who stepped up to offer what they could to this project (scroll to the end for full list of contributors and donations!).

If you’re a little late to this party, you can catch up with our “Meet the Family” blog post where we introduce Kim, Darren & their kids and dive into their space and some of our initial ideas. You can also head to our YouTube channel to get caught up on Part 1 of this two part series.

The Vision & Our Plans

The first thing the family told us that they wanted this to be a dedicated space for watching TV, playing board games and relaxing as a family. We knew right away that we wanted to maximize seating and prioritize comfort & coziness, we just needed to sort out the exact layout. The bay window was a tricky piece of the puzzle, but we played around with a few layouts and ultimately landed on placing the sectional in front of it to maximize seating. Most people would assume you can’t place furniture in front a bay window but this space proves that isn’t necessarily the case.

Aesthetically, we wanted to brighten up the space (it had a dark brow colour on the walls) but keep it warm and inviting, as every cozy family space should be. We lightened up the walls with a whisper soft grey but added a ton of texture and warm wood tones to give it that layered, cozy look.

Before & Afters

Paint & Fireplace Update

The space was easily brightened with a few coats of Silver Satin, a soothing soft grey by Benjamin Moore, and we added a deeper layer of texture to the room by going with a venetian-plaster look on the fireplace. We also took the fireplace bump out all the way up to the ceiling, which draws the eye up and accentuates the vaulted ceilings. This was a relatively small update but it had a major impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Lastly, we painted the shiny brass fireplace grill out in a matte black which instantly updates the look of the entire fireplace wall. If you’ve got one of these shiny brass grills at home, what are you waiting for?!

Drapery & Roller Shades

Here’s a classic embodiment of the ‘high-low’ concept: the luxurious white drapery you see in this room is actually two packs of 2-per-pack IKEA curtain panels. Yes, the ones that come in plastic wrapping. We got this tip from Jenny Komenda and are so incredibly happy with how it turned out. Hemming the curtain panels to the correct length and pairing them with good quality hardware and drapery rings gives them an entirely different look. While these panels are just meant to sit at either side of the window opening, we doubled up and used two panels at each end of the rod for that luxe, fully-functional look at a fraction of the price of custom drapery. The soft white roller shades inside the window frames themselves bring another textural touch to the room, provide privacy, and prevent glare on the TV.


In any space, we always aim for layered lighting. This space was unique in that it had an opening that looked into the two story main entry, but the existing light fixture was in desperate need of an update. The opening created the perfect opportunity to frame out a more modern, sculptural chandelier opposite the TV wall. We also included a floor lamp and table lamp, both with fabric shades to create a soft glow - perfect for cozying up for a family movie night.

There you have it! The long awaited reveal of what will surely be one of our most memorable Leclair Decor projects. We hope you’ve enjoyed joining us along the ride from nominating families in the community to the big reveal. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this project and answer any questions (please leave them in the Comment Section below).

One last BIG THANK YOU to all the incredible community leaders who contributed their products and their invaluable time to the cause of brightening this amazing families home. Here’s a list of everyone and what they donated:

Contributors & Donations:

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