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LD Guide: Hanging Lights

At LD, lighting is EVERYTHING! Selecting a new pendant, chandelier, or sconce for your space is the fun part. When it comes time to install your light in its new home, nailing the hanging height and spacing can be a little more challenging. We're sharing our quick guide to hanging heights for the most common locations throughout your home. Pin the guide graphic found at the end of this post to your Pinterest board for a handy reference!


Kitchen Pendants

The bottom of your pendant should hit 30-36" above your countertop or island. If you're using multiple pendants, ensure they are spaced approximately 30" apart and leave 6" of clearance from the edge of the island or countertop on either side.


Dining Room Table

The bottom of your dining room pendant or chandelier should hit 30-36" above your dining table for 9 to 10-foot ceilings. Add 3" inches per additional foot of ceiling height above that. Again, we recommend 6" of clearance from the edge of the table on either end.


Bathroom Chandeliers + Sconces The middle of your sconce fixtures should hit approximately 60 inches above the floor. If you're hanging a chandelier above your free-standing tub (a look we love) or in the middle of your bathroom, the bottom of the fixture should be hung about 96 inches from the floor.


Bedroom or Hallway Pendants + Chandeliers

A pendant or chandelier can make a bold statement in any hallway or above a gorgeous bed. As a rule of thumb, we recommend ensuring the bottom of your fixture hits approximately 90-96" above the floor.

Have another installation question? Send it our way for a future LD Guide!


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