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Top Tips for Home Offices

This past year a shift in new routines has meant that working from home is the new reality for many of us. Alongside these changes, comes the need for a designated office space that reflects both aesthetics and functionality. Today, we've rounded up our top tips for creating home offices that work!

PHOTO: Moody Office Vignette, Leclair Decor


When designing a home office, the location plays a critical role in being successful, both with the design and with getting work done. Create your home office near a window to allow creativity and inspiration seep into your work thanks to natural lighting. Or, in multi-functional rooms, such as spare bedrooms that double as offices, try using a rug beneath the desk to establish a designated office 'zone'.

PHOTO: Mapleview Project, Leclair Decor


Choose furniture pieces wisely and be sure to invest in a comfortable chair and desk that meet all of your aesthetic and ergonomic requirements. When you're spending the full work day at your desk, finding a chair and desk should be a top priority!

PHOTO: LA Project, Leclair Decor


Whether your office space is located near a window or in a basement, be sure to take lighting into consideration. Layering different lighting options will create opportunities for an adjustable atmosphere that can go from stimulating to calm with a flick of a switch. While task lighting, such as a table lamp or desk lamp, is an important feature to include in a home office, remember to not neglect flush mounts or integrated lighting as they will provide ambient lighting in the space.

PHOTO: Gatineau Modern Office, Leclair Decor


No space is complete without a touch of personality! Mix accessories, textures, and materials to create a space that is infused with character. To add visual interest, consider selecting sculptural decor, an oversized vase filled with greenery, or impactful artwork to bring life to your home office.

PHOTO: Hudson Project, Leclair Decor

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