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Transitioning Your Home to Fall

Shorter days and crisp, cool mornings are nature's way of telling us that fall is on the horizon. The shift in seasons inspires us to refresh our interiors and embrace coziness and warmth. In today’s blog post, we’re breaking down some simple tips to help you prepare your home for the colder months ahead!

PHOTO: Portland Cottage, Leclair Decor


Swapping out lightweight materials for heavy knits and thicker fabrics will bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your space. While pillows and throws are perhaps the obvious choices, consider bringing additional texture into your home with other decor pieces like baskets, rugs, and vases. These items bring a rustic, "found” quality that draws from nature.

PHOTO: Portland Cottage, Leclair Decor

PHOTO: LD Shoppe, Leclair Decor


We believe in designing spaces that both look and feel beautiful and comfortable. While layered lighting helps set the mood of a room, scent also plays an important role in establishing the atmosphere. Consider incorporating candles, incense, room sprays, fresh botanicals, or even new soaps and cleaning sprays to bring a cozy and relaxing feeling to your home. Vanilla, tobacco, spices, and evergreen scents will all provide an instant autumn feel.

PHOTO: Simple Sunroom, Leclair Decor

PHOTO: LD Shoppe, Leclair Decor


Explore your surroundings and swap out summer greenery and florals for leaf sprays in deep tones of auburn, mahogany, and rust. This is a quick and easy method that will mirror the natural changes of season and invite fall-inspired tones into your space in an organic way.

PHOTO: Warm Modern Entryway Vignette, Leclair Decor

PHOTO: Portland Cottage, Leclair Decor


Layering warmer neutral tones and colours is a great way to set a cozier tone with the changing of the seasons. This works especially well if you are working with a neutral base palette in your permanent items. We love to swap out cooler-toned or colourful decor and pillows for shades of caramel, brown, rust, ochre, burgundy, beige, and cream. Pairing warm woods with soft whites will also create a cozy layered look that highlights autumn-inspired hues.

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