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Our Philosophy

We've always believed that a home comes to life when crisp, modern lines are paired with warmer textures and natural elements adding personality and intention to a well designed space. It’s this signature Warm Modern aesthetic, in combination with creating visually impactful moments and a balanced experience throughout the home, that sets us apart and has garnered us an international following.

Leclair Decor - Chicago - Kitchen - straight on.JPG
Our Services 

Virtual Design Consultation w/ Melissa

Design | Our Virtual Design Consultation offers a full hour of of personalized design expertise and insights led by industry leader, Melissa Leclair. Whether you're looking to revamp your living space or seeking professional guidance for your upcoming project, Melissa is here to provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.  1 hour $250 

Design+ | Following your session, we will diligently prepare personalized follow-up materials summarizing the ideas and recommendations discussed during your appointment. These materials will serve as a comprehensive guide to help you implement the insights gained from your consultation effectively. 4 hours. $750

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