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3 Quick Tips to Get Cozy | Living Room Style

Picture it: A lit fireplace, a cozy sofa and your favourite winter movie.

Here are some helpful tips on setting the scene for this picture perfect moment.

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No.1 The Right Layout

Layout is determined by actual space, use of space and then walking space. You need to consider each element in order to determine the right size and placement of pieces throughout your home. Is it strictly to watch tv, or more formal? IS it just for family or for entertaining, or both? This will help you decide what the priority is in the space.

interior Design, Living room style, design tips, warm modern living

No. 2 Frame it out!

Adding large statement art above the sofa as well as a textured wash on the fireplace create a focus on where to draw your eye as you walk into the space. The balance of colour, compliments without competing. So you will naturally be drawn to the the art first and then the fireplace.

Leclair Decor Interior Design, Ottawa, Toronto,

No. 3 Layer it up!

Getting that warm inviting feeling is all about adding layers. We have utilized a wide variety of organic materials in this spaces from the textural rug to the teak coffee table and brushed canvas. These elements add interest to a modern space and make you feel at home with the movement and contrasting details. Layering materials and textures is key especially when accessorizing!

Builder: Richcraft

Interiors: Leclair Decor

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