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Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design
Our Story

Their love for creativity is what drew this husband and wife team together so many years ago. Their journey began as a passion project and over time grew into to a multi discipline company encompassing an interior design firm, boutique shoppe and luxury rental. Their mission is to create beautiful spaces while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. 


While our projects are now brought to life by an entire team of talented designers, co-founders Melissa and Sacha remain involved in the creative process and still review everything we present to our clients. Their influence and expertise can be found  in every space we create. 


As CEO, Melissa works with the design team to ensure that our client experience is always evolving for the better and that every space we deliver is tailored to our clients’ unique needs, reviewing the design and process each step of the way.


Sacha, President & Creative Director, is particularly passionate about the custom design and lighting elements that make a space feel elevated.  Within every project, Sacha encourages our designers to innovate and prioritize the details. 

Leclair Decor is a full-service interior design firm, with a principal focus on high-end remodels and new builds. Our talented design team serves clients across North America, using industry-leading software and embracing all modern means of digital communication to work seamlessly with homeowners across the continent.

LD Design Team 

Your project is important to us and each element needs it's own expertise. Thus, we have a dedicated four person team for each home. 

Design Lead

Our senior designers who take the lead on creative concept, detailed design, and project management.

Design Technician

Our design technicians produce the lengthy technical drawing packages needed to bring our vision to life. 

Design Associate

Our design associates provide crucial support to the team lead at every stage of the project. 


Our expeditor manages the flow of product from supplier, to receiving warehouse, and finally to your home.

LD Shoppe

Bring our signature Warm Modern look into your own home with LD Shoppe. Shop our projects, browse our favourite pieces, and explore our curated collection of modern furniture, rugs, lighting, and other home goods. Visit us online or in our Ottawa showroom.

Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design
Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design
LD Cabin

Escape the everyday, even for just a little while. nestled in the hills of the Laurentian Mountains in the greater Tremblant are - sits LD Cabin, an elevated luxury mountain home retreat thoughtfully designed by Leclair Decor. Immerse yourself in nature while indulging in life's special moments, all at your own pace. 

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