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Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design
Our Story

Welcome to Leclair Decor with Melissa and Sacha Leclair, where creativity knows no bounds and exploration fuels our passion. With a shared love for the arts and design, we have dedicated ourselves to transforming spaces, designing products, and curating experiences that celebrate the beauty in every facet of life. From our beginnings in interior design to the launch of LD Shoppe, our retail store, and the creation of luxury rentals like LD Cabin, we have embraced the power of design to evoke emotions, inspire creativity, and enhance the quality of life.  

LD Shoppe

Through our innovative product designs and carefully curated items, we invite others to infuse their spaces with the same creativity and elegance that drives us. 

LD Cabin

As we expand our horizons and venture into new creative ways to live well, we strive to create sanctuaries where individuals can retreat and find solace in environments tailored to their desires. 

Our journey is one of constant growth, driven by a thirst for new experiences, and we invite you to join us on this enriching adventure as we share our insights, tips, and inspirations. 

Thank you for being a part of our story, and together, let's create spaces that encapsulate the magic of design.

LD Mission 

Our mission is to create a transformative lifestyle experience by combining our expertise in interior design, curated product offerings, and personalized guidance, empowering you to cultivate a harmonious and meaningful living environment that reflects your unique identity and aspirations. Through our commitment to exceptional service, innovation, and collaboration with like-minded partners, we aim to inspire and guide you on your journey to a more fulfilled and intentional lifestyle.

LD Shoppe

Bring our signature Warm Modern look into your own home with LD Shoppe. Shop our projects, browse our favourite pieces, and explore our curated collection of modern furniture, rugs, lighting, and other home goods. Visit us online or in our Ottawa showroom.

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Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design
LD Cabin

Escape the everyday, even for just a little while. nestled in the hills of the Laurentian Mountains in the greater Tremblant are - sits LD Cabin, an elevated luxury mountain home retreat thoughtfully designed by Leclair Decor. Immerse yourself in nature while indulging in life's special moments, all at your own pace. 

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