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Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design
Our Story

Melissa & Sacha Leclair 

 Welcome to Leclair Decor a place where creativity flourishes and the spirit of exploration is at the heart of everything we do. United by our profound appreciation for the arts and design, we've committed ourselves to not only transforming homes and spaces but also to designing products and curating experiences that amplify the beauty woven into every aspect of life. From our roots in interior design to the inception of LD Shoppe and the conception of luxury retreats like LD Cabin, we believe in the transformative power of design to stir emotions, ignite creativity, and elevate daily life.

LD Shoppe

Our passion is mirrored we design and curate. Through LD Shoppe, we invite you to bring a touch of our warm modern creativity into your home. 

LD Cabin

As our creative journey expands, so does our our definition to live well. With lD Cabin we aspire to create environments that are more than just aesthetically pleasing - they are personal retreats where solace meets bespoke design. 

Our path is characterized by unceasing evolution, fueled by a zeal for novel experiences . We warmly invite you to accompany us on this fulfilling journey, as we offer a peak into our world, sharing valuable insights, practical tips, and endless inspiration. 

We are so grateful you are here! Let's explore, envisions and realize the true wonder of design and the importance of living well. 

Our Vision

We are dedicated to crafting transformative lifestyle experiences by merging our deep knowledge in interior design with our curated product selections and tailored guidance. Our goal is to empower you to shape a living space that not only resonates with your distinct identity but also aligns with your highest aspirations. Driven by our unwavering commitment to outstanding service, innovation, and collaborations with partners who share our vision, we're here to guide and inspire you towards a life lived with purpose, intention, and fulfillment.

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Leclair Decor

We believe in the power of storytelling through spaces. As you walk through a home, we envision it slowly unfolding, each corner revealing a new chapter, each room holding moments that draw you in. Our design philosophy is centred on creating visual narratives that not only engage the senses but also transport you on an inspiring journey, making every space not just a place, but an experience.

LD Shoppe

Bring our signature Warm Modern look into your own home with LD Shoppe. Shop our projects, browse our favourite pieces, and explore our curated collection of modern furniture, rugs, lighting, and other home goods. Shipping across USA and Canada!

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LD Cabin

Escape the everyday, even for just a little while. nestled in the hills of the Laurentian Mountains in the greater Tremblant are - sits LD Cabin, an elevated luxury mountain home retreat thoughtfully designed by Leclair Decor. Immerse yourself in nature while indulging in life's special moments, all at your own pace. 

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