We’ve always believed that a home comes to life when crisp, modern lines are paired with warmer textures and natural elements. It’s this signature Warm Modern aesthetic, in combination with our streamlined project management system, that sets us apart and has garnered us an international following.
Full Service 

Rooted in what you love and how you live, we take the lead on a detailed vision for your home and then work in tandem with your architect and builder to see that vision through to completion. Every detail is thoughtfully selected to achieve a one-of-a-kind finished product inspired by you.


Now accepting complete new build and whole-home remodel projects.


During the design phase, we consult on your architectural plans, select interior and exterior finishes, spec hardware, choose plumbing & lighting fixtures, and design custom cabinetry & trim work. When we’re done, it’s all compiled in a comprehensive design package and handed off to your build team. 


During the build, you can expect ongoing communication and site visits as needed to ensure our vision is coming together as planned. We're on hand throughout the entire process to answer questions and provide clarity for your general contractor & trades. 


With construction underway, we start work on the furniture and decor. Guided by our signature warm modern aesthetic, we select furnishings, artwork, rugs, window coverings, and decor to bring your spaces to life in a way that reflects your personality & lifestyle. 

We take care of ordering & receiving, and when construction is complete we coordinate with our trusted movers and installers to bring the vision to life. We arrive bright and early on install day to finally make months of planning a reality and transform your house into a long awaited home. 


Please note that our design process generally requires 9-12 months before construction begins (sometimes more!) and that we are currently fully booked until early fall 2021. We are now accepting projects with construction start dates in spring 2022 and beyond.

Leclair Decor | Ottawa, Ontario | Full Service Interior Design

Phase I: Questionnaire

Every Leclair Decor project starts with our questionnaire. We ask that you provide us with as much information as possible, including inspiration pictures and plans/photos if you’ve got them. This step is important as it helps us gauge whether our process and look are a match for your project.

Phase II: Discovery Call + Quote

If your project sounds like a good fit, our design manager will schedule a Discovery Call with you to discuss the project in more detail and make sure we’re the right people for the job. From there, we’ll submit a proposal which includes a quote for our professional fees as well as a realistic project schedule.

Phase III: Pre-Design

Once a contract is signed and your deposit is paid, we head into the Pre-Design phase. Because we are usually booked up several months in advance of our next availability, we use these months to take care of things like finalizing the budget + schedule, connecting with your builder + architect, and establishing the design direction.

Phase IV: Kickoff Day

Kickoff Day is the official first day of your project’s design phase. With some important pre-design items taken care of, we are ready to jump in head first and get started on the fun stuff.

Phase V: Interior Design

Based on the established budget and direction, we get to work designing your entire home, considering every single detail from garage doors to grout colours. After a few months of work, you’ll receive an emailed link to your design presentation.

Phase VI: Revisions

You’ll then have the opportunity to review the design plan and we can tweak things as necessary to make sure the design is just right.

Phase VII: Plan Package

Once we’ve received final approval on the design presentation and finishes, your design technician gets to work on finalizing the plan package for your builder. This is a lengthy and extremely detailed document that contains all the information your builder needs to execute our vision.

Phase VIII: Build Observation + Interior Decorating

Once construction is underway, we get started on your furniture and decor design. We start with having you approve an itemized budget and then get to work on the good stuff. When it’s ready, we’ll present your design and again make any tweaks necessary.

Phase IX: Ordering + Receiving

We order absolutely everything, and either receive & store it ourselves or arrange a receiving warehouse in your area. Our expediter tracks everything as it ships so we always know what’s arrived and what’s still on the way.

Phase X: Install Day

The best part: Install Day! When your builder has finished and handed off the keys, we coordinate with our movers and handyman to get everything moved in, set up, and ready for you. It’s all-hands-on-deck for a few days as we hang every picture, fluff every pillow, and prep your house for elevated living.

Our Process