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3 Tips to Set the Mood and Celebrate You this V-Day!

This is the year of you! You need to love yourself in order to love others deeply and compassionately, so let's take a minute to celebrate ourselves! Whether you are curling up with a good book, cozying up on the sofa to Netflix and chill, or leading a hectic life and just wanting to have a moment of serenity this Valentines Day, we've got 3 quick tips for you!

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No.1 Get Lit! No literally, light a candle.

I don't know what it is about this act, maybe because it draws energy from it's primal archetype, but lighting a fire even a tiny one on a candle brings a sense of calm and surrender to any time of the day. Get your morning started, or end your evening dimming the lights, sit back and relax. Just Breathe...

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NO.2 Take 10! Stop what you're doing and take the time treat yourself!

Whatever your favourite indulgence is, a delicious cup of java, your favourite flower or delicious treat. Savour the moment appreciating you. Put on your favourite play list on and repeat 3 positive mantras really calling in love for yourself. You are truly amazing and something to celebrate! You are worth it.

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No. 3 Get Real! ...with yourself!

Set your intentions for the day, week or year, whichever feels tangible and will bring you joy. Who do you want to connect with, what do you want to learn, where do you want to explore and when do you feel most inspired? Attract that love for yourself by building your surroundings in a way that lights you up.

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Life is an ever evolve space, where we are brought joyful moments and challenging ones. Embrace the beautiful of joy and the growth and learning of the challenges and hold space for you. Learning to really show yourself some love as you go on this journey!

Love, Mel


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