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5 Styling Tips from the LD Design Team

You’ve chosen the paint colour, the finishes, the hardware, and the furniture. Just when it feels like all the decisions are made, now comes the styling. Carefully selected decor will enhance the atmosphere and your experience in the space. Sometimes, it’s all these little decisions that can leave you stumped in the final stages of a design. So today on the blog, we’re sharing our stylists’ secrets to decorating any space for a modern and intentional look.

PHOTO: Addison, Leclair Decor

1. Selecting Pieces with Meaning = Styling with Intention

When selecting decor for your home, choose pieces that you naturally gravitate toward or that hold meaning for you. These pieces add a personal signature to your space and can be great conversation starters with guests. Next time you’re shopping, look for items that are unique, imperfect, or that have a “found” quality to them. Consider including a souvenir piece that you collected while away on a trip as a final touch to make your space feel special and complete.

PHOTOS: LD Shoppe Ottawa Showroom

2. Larger Scale for a Bigger Impact

Scale and proportion are common challenges in styling. When selecting a decor piece, consider the dimensions of the area you’re trying to fill and look for something that will maximize the space you’re working with.

A great example of this is in the dining room, where we often find ourselves looking for a decor item that is proportional to the size of the table but that won’t block the flow of conversation. In this case, we recommend choosing a piece that is large in scale relative to the length and width of the table, but low in height (e.g. a long and shallow bowl that can be arranged with moody faux moss, coupled with modern candlesticks to maintain some drama). Similarly, a large vase and botanical arrangement on an entryway console make a more impressive impact than multiple little items in the same space.

PHOTOS: Kenora, Leclair Decor

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix it Up!

As your decor collection grows, don’t be afraid to switch pieces out from time to time to refresh your home and fall back in love with older pieces. Coffee table books, decorative boxes, sculptural objects, and vases are all interchangeable between rooms. There are no set rules on where these items should be located—we love versatility! Try pairing different pieces together for a whole new look.

PHOTOS: Gatineau Modern, Leclair Decor | Shop the Look

4. Style with Aesthetic and Practicality in Mind

There is certainly a difference between a space styled for a photoshoot versus everyday living. But that doesn’t mean you can’t draw inspiration from both! We recommend finding harmony between decor pieces that offer practical, everyday use alongside elements that serve a more aesthetic purpose for a finished look.

This means open shelves in your kitchen or bathroom might feature items you use every day at an accessible height, and more decorative, special occasion pieces on a higher level. Striking a balance with styling is important in keeping your home looking its best every day of the year.

PHOTOS: Addison, Leclair Decor

5. Refresh Your Decor and Move On

Purge! Let go of items that no longer suit your style or serve a purpose in your home. We are all for maintaining a collection of pieces that speak to, but avoid super trendy objects or items that can only be used in one way (e.g. colour trends, seasonal decor). There are so many options out there for selling, swapping, or donating your unused decor!

PHOTOS: LD Shoppe Ottawa Showroom, Leclair Decor

Here’s a list of our team’s go-to styling pieces and the different places they can be used!

  • Coffee table books (on shelves, consoles, coffee tables, bedside tables)

  • Vases (just about anywhere, collect various shapes, heights, and materials)

  • Decorative boxes (on console tables, shelves, nightstands)

  • Catchalls or shallow bowls (bathrooms, nightstands, shelves, coffee tables, consoles, entryways)

  • Sculptural objects (stacked on books, on open shelving, styled on a console, on a coffee table).

PHOTO: LD Market at Ottawa Showroom, Leclair Decor

Looking for more unique pieces recommended by our styling team?


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