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Bring Life to Your Walls

What you choose to adorn the walls with makes an immense difference in the overall feeling and style of a space. Your home has the ability to be your own personal gallery, and we encourage you to start curating your own collection today with our designer’s tips for selecting the right pieces for styling your walls!

PHOTO: Riverside Modern, by Leclair Decor | Shop all Oversized Art


When selecting art and photography for your home, be sure to choose pieces that speak to you and that you truly love as you will likely see these pieces every day.

PHOTO: Leclair Home, by Leclair Decor | Shop all Art

Consider how a piece will fit into your home both stylistically AND spatially before investing in art and photography. We typically recommend that going bigger is better, but that isn’t always the case when you’re styling spaces like hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens. Getting the scale right is just as important as selecting what subject matter you’re looking for.

PHOTO: Elevated Dining Vignette, by Leclair Decor | Shop all Photography

Designer Tip: Consider styling them directly above furniture to really make a space feel complete. We often place large pieces of art or photography above sofas, consoles, and on the wall directly behind dining room tables as a way to tie the entire room together.

PHOTO: Linen & Lavender Living Room Vignette, by Leclair Decor | Shop all Art


Mirrors are a great way to open up your room and make it feel bigger than it is. Include them in locations like smaller front entryways to widen the space and give the illusion of additional space.

PHOTO: Portland Cottage, by Leclair Decor | Shop all Decorative Mirrors

Hanging a mirror somewhere natural light can be reflected will make your home look brighter by illuminating more of your space.

PHOTO: Hudson Project, by Leclair Decor | Shop all Decorative Mirrors

Consider blurring the line between mirrors and art by hanging uniquely geometric or organic shaped mirrors. They have the ability to bring a new level of visual interest to a space.

Designer Tip: Think about what the mirror will be reflecting when choosing where to hang it. You want to either reflect something you love, or a window that lets lots of light in!

PHOTO: Riverside Modern, by Leclair Decor | Shop all Vanity Mirrors


We encourage you to bring out your personality with different types of unique decor and wall hangings that go beyond art, mirrors, and photos.

PHOTO: Team Bull, by Leclair Decor | Shop all Rugs

In large living rooms with an abundance of wall space, we love to hang a blanket or rug on the wall. This immediately adds warmth and texture to a living room and can elevate your design.

PHOTO: Leclair Home Office, by Leclair Decor | Shop all Clocks

Consider decor options like baskets and planters to introduce an organic and natural ambiance to your space. We like to style elements like these in transitional spaces, like hallways and staircases.

PHOTO: LD Shoppe, by Leclair Decor | Shop all Wall Baskets

Designer Tip: Wall baskets are a great way to decorate with intention, even if you’re decorating a rental property. They are light and easy to move!

For more inspiration on how to style your walls, follow us on Instagram and explore the endless art and decor offerings at LD Shoppe!


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