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Discussing Design Trends with Melissa Leclair

There are so many beautiful trends that we see happening in the design world right now, so asking Melissa to pick her top five favourites for 2021 was no simple task! In this post, we’ll be looking at each of the five trends she identified, and exploring different ways you can incorporate them into your own homes.


Cane furniture dates back to as early as the second century and can be found is almost every corner of the world. Melissa shared how much she loves how the natural appearance of cane adds an organic feel to any space that it is used in. Seeing as it has been around for so long, and our designers are still loving it today, it is clearly a timeless trend that you can incorporate into your home in a variety of ways.

PHOTO: Cedarbreeze Project by Leclair Decor


Black wood is just one of those trends that Melissa says she just can’t seem to get enough of. She shared how much she loves using wood pieces that have been treated with a dark stain in almost any piece of furniture or decor. The organic feel of the grain, paired with the rich contrast of the dark stain, make for that gorgeous contrast that we love at Leclair Decor.

PHOTO: LA Project by Leclair Decor


Melissa could not include black marble on her list after that having that gorgeous countertop installed in the new Leclair Home ensuite! Marble is such a classic material that we love incorporating into our designs and products, but Melissa just had to give black marble the attention it deserves by having it on her list. Consider incorporating it not only into the surfaces in your home, but also into the furniture too if you’re looking for a show stopping piece in your home.

PHOTO: Leclair Home Ensuite by Leclair Decor


Slated, fluted, reeded, tambour - you name it, Melissa is loving it! She and Sacha have been incorporating it into built-ins and cabinetry in their home, and have also been finding detailed, wooden furniture to bring into the collection at LD Shoppe. By opting from something other than a smooth surface, you can add another layer of detail that will help create a beautifully elevated space.

PHOTO: LD Shoppe by Leclair Decor


Fluted and reeded glass is a subtle way to add detail, and sometimes even extra privacy, to a space. We’ve been seeing it in everything from the glass in showers and cabinets, to details in lighting and furniture, and Melissa shared how she sees this trend as having a major moment in 2021. It is a simple design choice that can make a beautiful difference, and we cannot wait to see it in more of our projects!

PHOTO: Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, Queens Park

Et voila - Melissa's top five favourite design trends for 2021! We look forward to seeing these trends incorporated into many of our upcoming projects and can't wait to share more about them as the year progresses. We have so much on the go, so stay tuned for more tips, reveals, and all of the Leclair Decor insider information here and by subscribing to our LD Insider mail-out (scroll all the way down to sign up!)


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