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Escape the City in Style with LD Cabin

In case you missed our big announcement, we’ve put together this post to tell you all of the exciting details about our newest endeavour, LD Cabin! For context, in 2020 we were lucky to have been able to secure a gorgeous, hillside lot in the Mont Tremblant region, which will serve as a perfect backdrop for this project. It is here that we will be building our first luxurious, modern cabin rental!

Something we keep thinking about is how long this has been a dream of ours, and how surreal it feels to be making this dream reality. The Mont Tremblant region has such a special place in our hearts because it is where we met, which also kind of makes it the reason why our family and business exists today. It’s been almost a decade since we first met there, so the fact that we’ll finally have a place of our own in the area is pretty amazing and something we are immensely grateful for.

But, we can’t talk about LD Cabin without also talking about how we managed to get here. And that is, in large part, thanks to all of you amazing people who have supported and cheered us on along the way. We appreciate you more than you know and we’re so excited to share this experience with you! We’ll be documenting every step of the process and bringing you along for all of the design decisions on Instagram and YouTube, and ultimately you’ll be able to experience it for yourself when it’s a rental!

PHOTO: Gondola at Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, by Sacha Leclair

We’re already deep into the planning process and have been sharing the initial renderings and floor plans, but there is still SO much to do. We couldn’t be more excited to see this project come to life and we invite you to follow along and help us as we embark on this adventure. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll even design and build another cabin (or more?) too!

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