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Fine Lines in Interior Design

Fine lines can be incorporated in many ways, all of which can add visual intrigue to your space. Today, we're sharing the how and why behind bringing this design trend into our projects.

PHOTO: Westmount Project, Leclair Decor


When designing glass showers, we like to ensure they are always spacious, bright, and open. This gives the illusion of a larger bathroom, but the shower can still be defined as its own section within the space by incorporating thin black framing around the glass to create a visual break and pop of contrast.

PHOTO: Team Bull Project, Leclair Decor


Furniture with thin frames prevents pieces from looking too big and bulky. A thin framed armchair will provide a soft seat for you to sink into without appearing oversized and intrusive in your living room.

PHOTO: Gatineau Modern Project, Leclair Decor


Incorporating subtle texture with fine lines brings an added element of visual interest to a space. The lines in the tiles on the wall create a unique opportunity for the natural light to accentuate the different textures and create an understated break between the surfaces.

PHOTO: Gatineau Modern Project, Leclair Decor


We recommend opting to update more traditional ornate balusters by bringing in something sleek and thin. This swap will bring a much more modern feel to your staircase and can provide an opportunity to create impactful contrast with materials.

PHOTO: LD Shoppe Showroom, Leclair Decor


Refined lines in textiles bring a sense of warmth and ease to a space. Incorporating rugs and pillows with subtle stripes creates a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes elevated everyday living.

PHOTO: Portland Cottage Project, Leclair Decor


In rooms with soaring ceilings, incorporating a statement lighting fixture is an effective way to ground the space. To achieve this, we recommend selecting pendant or chandelier fixtures with fine lines to bring a modern touch and prevent the lighting from feeling too heavy or obstructive.

Do you have design questions about incorporating fine lines into the design of your home? Ask us below!


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