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How to Select & Style Unique Decor

The process of curating decor for your home is one that is ongoing and ever-evolving. Each piece can be styled in a multitude of ways, and in many different spaces, so you'll never grow tired of styling and restyling your home. Today, we're sharing how to select and style unique pieces that will bring a personal and eclectic touch to your home decor.


When you're shopping, look for items that add texture and visual interest. Imperfections and blemishes can be a good thing when selecting decor as it gives a more organic and down to earth feeling to pieces.

PHOTO: Kai Vase + Samira Slate Bowl styled in the Richmond Project

PHOTO: Marble Chain + Ramona Compote styled in the Leclair Home


Pick pieces that feel unique and special, and then use them in unexpected places. This could be a vintage-inspired vase contrasting smooth countertops, or worn decor beads perked atop a stack of new books. These items will appear special and unique, but by using them in a more mundane context it adds an element of surprise to your styling and brings luxury to everyday moments.

PHOTO: Groove Pot + Groove Vase + Grey Bone Beads styled in the Richmond Project

PHOTO: Avenue Vase styled in the Gatineau Modern Project


Pick areas of your home that may feel neglected, and infuse them with decor that will bring life to the space. Perhaps you have a bathroom that is in need of warming up, or an entryway that sits unstyled. Whatever the space may be, find these opportunities in your home and use them to your advantage by bringing in visually interesting or sculptural pieces.

PHOTO: Karsh Planter styled in the Team Bull Project

PHOTO: Ramona Compote + Tridie Basket styled in the Richmond Project


Remember to balance items that have a found quality to them with items that feel more modern. This contrast in style and perceived age allows for each items to have an opportunity to make an impact among your styling and gives them their moment in the spotlight.

PHOTO: Zayda Sculpture styled in the Richcraft Pinefield Model

PHOTO: Basil Bowl + Mydia Vase styled in the Gatineau Modern Project


We recommend that you keep your collection interesting by mixing materials and item types for a well-rounded selection. Vases, pillows, decorative objects, and small artwork are just a few of the different varieties of pieces that can add a varied and handcrafted quality to your home decor.

PHOTO: Gold Decorative Metal Boxes styled in the Team Bull Project

PHOTO: Mosa Pot + Kreds Decorative Box styled in the Leclair Home

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