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How to Style Bedroom Pillows

Although having to make your bed seems to be a task that is avoided at all cost when you're a child, somewhere along the line that changes entirely. Who knows when it happens, but it feels like one day you just wake up realizing that there is something undoubtedly satisfying about a freshly made and well-styled bed. And we know we’re not alone in this, because we’ve had many questions about how to style pillows in the bedroom. This week we’ll be sharing our designer’s tips on how to not only pick the right pillows, but how to style them perfectly too!


Before diving into all of the decision making surrounding colours, patterns, and textures, it's important to start off by thinking about the dimensions and quantity of pillows you'll need to considerer styling your bed. Here are some guidelines (not rules!) to take into consideration when choosing the size and number of pillows to include on your bed.

PHOTO: Queen-sized bed in the Carp Project by Leclair Decor

For Queen-Sized Beds: We like to style queen-sized beds with two matching pillows in the back, either 24x24 or 26x26, and then place a lumbar or other accent pillow in the front. Because you are using fewer pillows than you would on a king-sized bed, we recommend you ensuring you have a good mix of materials and patterns to show more dimension as there are less pillows to work with.

PHOTO: King-sized bed in the Pinefield Project by Leclair Decor

For King-Sized Beds: They are much wider than a queen-sized bed, so that needs to be considered when selecting your pillows. We like to recommend first selecting 24x24 or 26x26 pillows layered along the back, then adding smaller 20x20, and then lastly lumbar and accent pillows in front. This really all depends on the look you are hoping to create and how much variation you'd like to bring into the space!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Doza Pillow, Nasha Pillow, Nikita Pillow


Considering the colour of your walls, window dressings, and sheets in your bedroom is a good place to start when thinking about what palette to choose. You’ve likely chosen these existing colours because they speak to you and you like how they feel in your space, but don’t stop with just those colours! Rather, use them as inspiration and allow them to guide you when selecting your pillows. Your options are endless, whether you decide to go with a monochromatic, high-contrast, or a warm or cool palette, the colours you chose have the ability to heavily impact the overall feel of the room.


Once you’ve decided what kind of colour palette you’ll be moving forward with, then comes the time to get into the patterns and textures of the pillows. This is where you have the opportunity to make some bold statements and really allow your personal taste and preference to come through. We suggest by starting with selecting the pattern or texture that will be the highest impact, and then selecting the complimentary cushions from there.


And remember, there is no formula that will tell you exactly how to go about making these selections. But, to assist with your decision making and styling, we’ve put together some of our designer’s examples of variation in pattern and texture that shows how these decisions can really complete the space! These beautiful shots from our projects showcase the endless possibilities you have when it comes to styling pillows in your bedroom. Take a peek below and scroll through this collection of styled spaces!


Watch our YouTube video where Melissa Breaks down her top tips for styling your bed like a designer!

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