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Leclair Home: Evelyn's Bedroom Reveal

This was an emotional room in the Leclair Home! Our sweet Evelyn is growing up and ready to upgrade from nursery to big girl room. We transformed her space with personal touches and little details suited to her age, taste, and our warm modern style. Designing kids’ spaces comes with its own set of challenges, so today on the blog, we’re sharing how to harmonize practical design with the playful touches every little one deserves.

PHOTOS: Evelyn's Room Leclair Home, Leclair Decor | Shop the Look


The last version of this space was Evelyn’s nursery, and while that design was so special to us, the time had come to update her room along with the rest of our home. We removed the wall detail and wallpaper and replaced it with a fresh coat of paint. We also said goodbye to the dated carpet and installed modern hardwood and new trim.

PHOTOS: Evelyn's Room Leclair Home, Leclair Decor | Shop the Look


Nursery and kids furniture is often about practicality. With Evelyn moving from a crib/toddler cot to a full-sized bed, we had the opportunity to change the focal point of the room. We complemented the bed with nightstands, table lamps, and a rug—making the space feel more thoughtful and mature. We maintained a similar colour palette to her nursery, adding smaller touches of pink and more sophisticated patterns for an elevated design that will grow alongside her. New artwork and a modern light fixture complete the look.

PHOTOS: Evelyn's Room Leclair Home, Leclair Decor | Shop the Look


Personal touches are important to making any design feel warm and special—especially so in a kids space as they grow and change before your eyes! We added a full-length mirror at the perfect height for playing pretend, and multiple baskets to tuck away all her favourite things. Evelyn’s room is slightly smaller than Hugo’s, so in place of a dresser, we opted to incorporate one inside her closet to maximize that space instead. This allows her room to remain open and gives her space to play.


With so many inquiries about the finishes and products selected for this design, we decided to gather them all here. We invite you to draw inspiration from this project and bring touches of the Leclair Home to your space by exploring the material swatches below.

Tour the Leclair Home Main Bedroom:


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