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Leclair Home Living Room Reveal

An inviting living room is a staple in any family home. It’s a calming place to relax at the end of a long day, and a space to spend lazy Sundays around the fire. With both sitting for a solo cup of tea and gathering our family and friends in mind, a thoughtfully designed living room was high on our home renovation checklist.

This week on the blog, we’re revealing the details of our living room design and sharing our favourite ways to bring a warm, relaxing living space together in your own home.

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As you begin planning your living room space, consider the practical use of the room as well as the tone you wish to set. Our family is lucky enough to also have a family room on our main floor, so we design the living space with that in mind.

A living room should draw people in, so we used cozy pieces like a beautifully textured rug, a down-filled sofa, and a large-scale, soft-coloured canvas to catch the eye and create the relaxing atmosphere we wanted to achieve.

PHOTO: Leclair Home | Leclair Decor | Shop the Look


Carefully chosen finishes and materials will bring a sense of continuity to a living space. In our living room, we chose a beautiful warm wood coffee table that pulls similar brown tones from the wall art and some of the additional decor pieces. Our entire home is filled with wood and leather accents, so continuing this theme through the living room brings a cohesive feel to our open-concept floor plan. We recommend selecting furniture pieces that you are naturally drawn to and sprinkling items with similar qualities throughout your home.

PHOTO: Leclair Home | Leclair Decor | Shop the Look


A touch of black is a must in a Leclair Decor design. To complete our living room and add dimension to the overall neutral space, we added hints of black throughout via furniture and decor. These black accents bring a moody edge to the design and also provide a grounding effect as a place to rest the eye.

PHOTOS: Leclair Home | Leclair Decor | Shop the Look


While neutral colour palettes are on trend, layering different textures throughout your living space will create visual interest and definition between furniture pieces. A cozy bouclé fabric or shag-style rug again invites the eye in and is soft to the touch when paired with clean lines and more minimalistic pieces. This contrast in materials is seen throughout our living room textiles and furniture and is key to creating a well-rounded neutral space with depth.


We’ve received countless inquiries about the finishes and products we selected for our living room design, so we’ve gathered them here! We invite you to draw inspiration from this project and bring touches of the Leclair Living Room to your own home via the swatches below.

Want to see more of the Leclair Home? Check out the kitchen reveal on Youtube!


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