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Mother's Day | A Note From Mel

We take today to acknowledge and send our love to mothers and mother figures of all forms. Our intention is to always remain mindful of the many different lived experiences we have as humans and to share our deepest appreciation, respect and support to all. Whether this holiday is a one of celebration, reflection or healing we hope you feel seen for all that you are.

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Mel in the living room of the Chicago Project, designed by Leclair Decor

A Love Letter To My Kids

Motherhood has been a transformative experience, one which has reshaped how I look at the world for the better. Although the journey of motherhood may look different for us all there is something about it that unites us. Beautiful and challenging, filled with as much laughter as tears, it's an aspect of my life I deeply cherish. Oftentimes this holiday is focused on what we as mothers contribute, but this year I wanted to share a few things my little ones have taught me.

No. 1 | Living in the present moment

My children have shown me that connecting fully with whatever I am doing allows for a more fulfilling experience. Being deeply engaged in a conversation or appreciating the richness of a morning walk, I have learnt that I am allowed to tuck away the to do list that lives inside my mind.

No. 2 | Self-love and confidence

The unadulterated confidence of children is so pure and something we as adults let fade with time. Regaining this empowering mindset of living without self-doubt or reservations is helping me have a deeper sense of self-assurance and reach my fullest potential in so many areas of my life.

No. 3 | Curiosity and growth

During those precious years of early development we see our children lean into asking questions, and trying new things. They are hungry for experiences with no fear of failure because learning is the goal. I strive to emulate this and apply it to my journey of self growth & improvement.

No. 4 | Leading with kindness and empathy

Time and time again I see my children offer such unbridled care to those around them. Their concern seems to be creating a positive atmosphere for all. This level of empathy for others is often lost in adulthood, but what a better and more caring world it would be if everyone took the time to understand others and lend a helping hand.


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