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Pinefield Project Reveal | Designer Q & A

The Pinefield is one of six model homes we recently designed for Richcraft’s latest development, and it was important that each home felt unique and distinct from one another. This particular model just so happens to be one of our team’s favourites from the six. That’s probably not surprising as this house is dripping with our signature style.

We’re chatting with Eve, the designer on the project, about everything #pinefield; from the challenges she faced, the decision to go dark in the kitchen, and the design process behind that bathroom.


Q: What was your style vision for this home? 

A: Our vision for the Pinefield was a modern-meets-traditional style that would WOW. We used a mix of traditional design elements paired with more modern touches and played with contrast throughout the home, which lends itself well to this style.

Q: What’s your favourite room to decorate and why?

A: My first love will always be decorating and the living room is the epitome of that because it’s basically just furniture. There are infinite possible combinations of pieces, and I never tire of trying out different layouts and colour palettes.

Q: What challenges did you face on this project? 

A: Finding the perfect pendant for the two story family took a bit of trial and error. The ceilings were higher than anticipated and the scale of the pendant we originally selected just wasn’t right. Sometimes you just don’t know that something isn’t quite right until get it into the space. We tried moving a few fixtures around and ended up using the Orb pendant from LD Shoppe. Its scale really helps fill the impressive vertical expanse in the room. The black metal and brass details on this pendant also work really well at creating contrast against the white fireplace facade.

Q: What’s your fave furniture piece? 

A: The Lily Cabinet - it strikes the perfect balance between modern and traditional and just totally steals the show.

Shop the living room | Lily Cabinet,Bago Armchair, Sai Basket

Q: What was your favourite element to design? 

A: Probably the kitchen. I’ve been seeing a lot of dark kitchens lately, so it was a lot of fun to design one of our own. We added a lot of custom features, like the integrated appliances, the wood detail on the hood fan, and the glass-front cabinets. It’s these little touches that make this kitchen feel layered and purposefully designed.

Q: What decorating tip can you share?

A: I find a lot of clients know what they like but have a hard time putting it together. A good place to start is by looking at inspiration photos and identifying commonalities between the different photos you gravitate toward. Is it high contrast or monochromatic? Are there a lot of pops of colour or is it more neutral? Once you hone in on the style direction and colour scheme, look at mixing different patterns and textures to make the space feel layered.

Q: What is the wall colour? 

A: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. Of course!

Q: What is the cabinet colour?

A: Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore.

Q: What things should someone consider when designing their bathroom? 

A: Storage is definitely one of the most important factors to consider in a bathroom, so having a good amount of drawers or cupboard space to store everyday products is key. In the Pinefield ensuite, we included open storage to house bath linens which is both functional and decorative.

Another thing to consider early on is lighting. Obviously pot lights (on a dimmer) are great for general lighting, but we also like to use decorative lighting to make an impact, like hanging a pendant over a tub. In this space we also hung three small pendants to flank the two vanity mirrors for some drama and dimension.

There you have it! The massive Pinefield Project reveal. So… is it also one of your favourites? If you have any questions for us or Eve - leave them in the comments below and we’ll answer them ASAP!


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