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Rise Up With RW&Co.

This past year has been one of many challenges and even more growth. In today’s blog post, we’re talking about our partnership with RW&Co. and their focus on inspiring and empowering Canadians to Rise Up in their latest campaign. We are proud to be among the selected ambassadors for this campaign and are thrilled to stand beside a group of powerful Canadians who give unique meaning to the words 'Rise Up.'

Today, we're sharing some of our favourite looks from our recent shoot in Montréal with RW&Co.

Rise up ambassadors Melissa and Sacha Leclair seen walking the streets of Montreal dressed in RW&CO latest fashion.
Rise Up ambassadors Melissa & Sacha Leclair as seen in RW&CO. Campaign in Montreal

Photos by the talented Shayne Laverdiere

Through their series of discussions, RWConversations, RW&Co. is giving us a platform to share our passions and we encourage you to look out for the candid conversations from our co-ambassadors too. Joined by Andre De Grasse, Jennifel Abel, Lane Merrifield, Manjit Minhas, Michaella Shannon, Hamza Haq, and Ingrid Falaise, we couldn't be more excited about this partnership!

Stay tuned for more information and to catch all of the RWConversations over at

Explore the entire Rise Up Campaign with RW&CO. on their Youtube channel.


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