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Sofa Cushions: Fill & Style

Today we’re breaking down sofa cushions - not literally but figuratively. We’re showing you the differences between foam cushions and down fill, their different styles, the benefits of each, where we would use them, AND some of our favourites from LD Shoppe!


  • Generally used in modern and more formal looking sofa styles.

  • Most likely to be raised from the floor with legs because of their more structured look.

  • Goes with modern and contemporary styles, some traditional depending on the shape of the sofa.

  • We definitely suggest using foam cushion sofas in more formal living rooms or modern family rooms.

  • Has a rigid shape while still being comfortable.

  • They get more comfortable through time.

  • Foam cushions are more structural and will be less likely to show signs of sagging.

Here are our favourite foam cushion sofas from LD Shoppe (click to shop):


  • Generally used in traditional sofa styles.

  • Most likely to be designed with a slipcover or with very short legs to compliment a more relaxed style.

  • Down fill cushion sofas pair very nicely with traditional and farmhouse designs. We also love to use this style in more modern spaces with a luxurious relaxed vibe.

  • Would suggest using in more family and kids rooms or a more relaxed living room.

  • Overall this style is a more cozy slouchy feel that just draws you in and won’t let you leave — in the best way!

Here are our favourite down fill cushion sofas from LD Shoppe (click to shop):

So, our big question for you: Are you a down fill sofa or more of a foam cushion type?

Let us know in the Comment Section below! Please don't hesitate to ask us any further questions in the comments as well.


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