Transform Your Ensuite Into an Oasis

These days especially, it is so important to take time to care for ourselves and make sure we have the opportunity to relax. The following tips will help you transform your bathroom into an at home oasis where you’ll look forward to unwinding at the end of each day. This week we are highlighting Melissa and Sacha’s recent ensuite remodel and sharing how you can bring that luxurious spa feeling into your own bathrooms at home.

Photo: Leclair Home - Ensuite, Leclair Decor

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Anastasia Pot, Solano Ivory Rug, Mayana Stool


Lighting is one of the first things that can set the right ambiance for a room. Lighting can also be its own kind of architectural art from, and serve different purposes like illuminating different features in a space. In the Leclair ensuite remodel, we included lighting that is comparable to that of a high-end spa. There are subtle pot-lights in the ceiling, statement sconces in between the mirrors, and integrated lighting in the shelving and under the vanity. But, our absolute favourite lighting feature in the Leclair ensuite is in the shower! The serene, dimmable lighting that highlights the subtle texture of the tiles on the wall adds an extra level of luxury to the space, making it feel undoubtedly spa-like.

Photo: Leclair Home - Ensuite, Leclair Decor

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Emmett Sconce, Rossdale Sconce, Amherst Sconce


One of the reasons we feel so relaxed when we’re in a hotel bathroom or a spa is, in large part, due to the lack of clutter. It takes planning, but if you have the right storage solutions integrated into your bathroom you can avoid counter clutter at all costs. The Leclair ensuite features a gorgeous, custom-made vanity that keeps any of the regular bathroom clutter you may expect tucked away out of sight. We especially love the way the vanity was designed to not only be a focal piece in the ensuite, but to also provide storage that suits Melissa and Sacha’s specific needs.

Photo: Leclair Home - Ensuite, Leclair Decor


We know getting out of the shower is hard, especially if your shower looks like this, but something that makes it a little easier is if you have a warm towel to wrap yourself in. We love the custom, built-in towel ladder that is poised just outside the shower to hang up plenty of plush towels. And don’t forget to complete your bathroom with the perfect bath mat to dry your toes on too!

Photo: Leclair Home - Ensuite, Leclair Decor

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Oversized Turkish Towel, White Signature Bath Towel, Leo Terry Towel


One last touch that will help create your at home oasis is to pay homage to your sense of smell. Including scented candles, soaps, lotions, and botanicals can give you an immediate sense of calm and will provide that home spa feeling you’re looking to create. Melissa and Sacha’s ensuite was completed with soaps and lotions in soothing scents, as well as with a bundle of dried eucalyptus in the shower to create the ultimate home spa experience.

Photo: Leclair Home - Ensuite, Leclair Decor

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Cypress Petitgrain Hand Soap, Edgewater Candle, Boreal Forest Room Spray

We hope you enjoyed these tips and that you’re feeling inspired to start creating your own oasis at home with some goodies from LD Shoppe. For more details about the design, material sourcing, and reveal of the Leclair ensuite, follow @leclairdecor on Instagram and check out the highlight called ‘Ensuite Reno’!

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