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Transitioning to Fall

With Fall upon us comes the refreshing crisp air, the beauty of colourful trees, the enjoyment of a hot beverage, and the warmth and comfort of your home. Just as we swap out our summer wardrobe for warmer clothing, we can also transition our interior spaces to compliment the season upon us.

We’ve rounded up a few simple ways to elevate your space for the fall season.

The Big Rideau Lake Project Dining Room and Kitchen

Our main rule of thumb for transitioning your home to fall is to bring the outdoors in, by gathering and displaying natural elements for interior styling. A quick and easy example of this is layering some birch logs to display in a basket near the fireplace as we did in the Big Rideau Project.

The Big Rideau Lake Project Living Room

Another way to add natural elements is through branches and dried florals that bring a sculptural and whimsical look styled in decorative vase. Swap out summer blooms for darker, earthy tones. Warmer neutrals and jewel tones of deep forest greens, browns, burgundy and caramels would all be great choices to integrate. Using a colour palette inspired by nature of warm deep hues creates a cozy autumn aesthetic.  

Make sure that when you are incorporating natural materials into your home you use decorative accessories that also represent the natural elements, such as a rock or wood bowl or tray. These timeless textures are a wonderful way to integrate nature into styling your home. 

Check out some of our favourites below:

Building layers that add interest and style through textiles, pillows, and throw blankets are a wonderful way to refresh and restyle your home for the autumn months. Incorporating heavyweight throw blankets and pillows will make your space feel cozy, warm and inviting. Colour tone and texture can also make a big impression in renewing the look and feel of the space. 

The Hudson Project Master Bedroom

Check out some of our favourites below:

To add a final touch to your interior space we recommend you add a decorative fall scented candle. Spruce and amber, oak and moss and autumn sage are a few wonderful scents that we carry at LD Shoppe that would compliment the season and create the perfect atmosphere for both entertaining and relaxing.

The Sunroom Project

Check out some of our favourites below:

There you have it! Your home should be feeling warm, cozy, and ready for the fall season in no time. We put together a collection of items we feel are the perfect touches to transitioning your home for the season, check it out below and share with us your warm modern homes with the hashtag #ldwarmmodern!

View the full collection and shop Transitioning to Fall at LD Shoppe!


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