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What to Hang Above Your Headboard

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so the space above it must be treated as a location that should be designed thoughtfully and intentionally. We're often asked for advice on what to choose for the space above beds, so we've rounded up four of our favourite ways to make a statement with your styling!

PHOTO: Earthy Escape Vignette, Leclair Decor


Landscape prints featuring calming subject matter, such as sprawling fields or serene beach scenes, bring a simple elegance to your bedroom. The relaxed feel and shape of a long, linear framed landscape print is a timeless solution to styling the vacant space above your headboard.

Designer Tip: When hanging art above your bed, aim for 6-8" between the frame and your headboard.

PHOTO: Pinefield Project, Leclair Decor


Well balanced and easy on the eyes, black and white prints are great options to consider when you're styling your bedroom. We recommend selecting two or three prints that follow a common theme and spacing them evenly from one another while remaining centred and symmetrical above the bed.

Designer Tip: Aim to leave around 2” between your pieces so they feel cohesive and connected.

PHOTO: Leclair Home Main Bedroom, Leclair Decor


A uniquely shaped mirror can also be an impactful way to decorate the space above your bed. When styling mirrors, we recommend that you take into consideration what will be reflected and ensure that the mirror is aligned with the lighting in your bedroom. Geometric mirrors bring a contemporary, bright feeling to a space and open up the room by reflecting light throughout.

Designer Tip: As you would with a framed print, allow for 6-8" between the headboard and mirror.

PHOTO: Hudson Project, Leclair Decor


There come times where letting the bed do all the talking may be the best option for your bedroom. When selecting high-impact headboards or four-poster bed frames, you can further accentuate these pieces as the rooms focal point by opting to not hang anything on the wall. This is highly dependent on the type of ambience you are looking to create, but in more contemporary, minimal spaces we love the look of a crisp, clean wall in a well-designed bedroom.

Designer Tip: Consider wall sconces instead of table lamps for visual interest and increased height.

PHOTO: LA Project, Leclair Decor

Do you have a favourite way to style above your bed? Let us know in the comments below.


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