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10 Years of Leclair Decor: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary after what has been an incredible year of growth and success for Leclair Decor. As we reflect on the last year, we could not be more grateful for our talented design team and the lovely clients we had the chance to work with. We are so proud of the work we’ve produced and also fueled by our inspiration for the years ahead!

Today on the blog, we’re revisiting some of our favourite moments over the last 12 months and sharing a glimpse of what’s to come for LD.

PHOTO: Richmond Project | Leclair Decor | Shop the Look


Life’s most precious moments begin at home and we believe that every home deserves to be beautiful. Our approach to design is one that consistently pairs our signature Warm Modern aesthetic with the personal taste and functional needs of our clients. This past year, we've been very fortunate that our clients are people who see the value in a carefully executed, custom-tailored vision for their home. They understand that the investment and patience required are well worth it.

PHOTO: Los Angeles | Leclair Decor | Shop The Look


Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or hoping to breathe new life into an older home, our team's talent and technical experience make the design process as seamless as possible. It's difficult to decide what we love most about our projects—from creating special styling moments when designing cozy living spaces to tackling the technical drawings of a fresh new build. We’ve grown to cherish every step of the journey.

PHOTO: Gatineau Modern | Leclair Decor | Shop The Look


When we plan our LD Shoppe showroom design moments – which we lovingly call “vignettes” – each piece is thoughtfully curated by our team to reflect our Warm Modern aesthetic in diverse ways and to inspire our customers. Some of our favourite days of the year are showroom flip days! We’re always waiting on the edge of our seats to see the new styles our design team brings to life. We stand by the quality of the pieces we carry, we use them in our own home and our client designs, and we’re confident there’s something for everyone at the Shoppe!

PHOTO: LD Shoppe Showroom Vingettes | Leclair Decor


This year, more than ever, we’ve had the opportunity to push our creative limits with custom millwork and thoughtful interior planning. The renovation of our own home has allowed us to showcase the intention of custom millwork to create design moments that are both timeless and unique to the home.

PHOTOS: Leclair Home | Leclair Decor

Melissa's Favourite Moment of the Year | Our Home Reno

Our home renovation is at the top of my list as a defining moment this past year. This project was long overdue and finally making it happen ignited fresh creativity and was so emotionally fulfilling. We are beyond thrilled with the end result and could not be more proud of our builders, our team, and ourselves. It was a wonderful experience!

PHOTOS: Leclair Home | Leclair Decor | Shop The Look

Sacha's Favourite Moment of the Year | Our Exterior

The exterior of our home received a huge facelift. This included: new windows, doors, and bringing the facade in line with our design aesthetic. A rather controversial decision in the exterior design was to paint the outdated brick in white. We’re so happy we did it and the finished look is exactly how we’d imagined it years ago.

PHOTOS: Leclair Home | Leclair Decor


We are so happy with the current direction of LD and the inspired designs that our team continues to produce. Looking forward, there are many exciting things on the horizon for us. There are many amazing client projects in the works for the year ahead, including an incredible custom build in Chicago that we cannot wait to share with you.

PHOTO: Exterior rendering of Chicago Project | Leclair Decor

And of course, the LD Cabin build is now underway! We have long wanted to share our love for Mont Tremblant with others and we can’t wait to welcome our first guests. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks at the final design!

PHOTO: Architecture Planning & Interior Design by Leclair Decor

Our team, our community, and our design portfolio continue to grow and we are so grateful for everyone who has followed our story along the way. We’re just getting started!

Learn more about our home renovation, some of our favourite projects, and our top design tips on our Youtube Channel!


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