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3 Things to Know About Our Design Services

Are you ready to get started on a new build or whole-home remodel? Making hundreds of decisions can feel daunting—we’ve been there! Hiring an interior designer can feel intimidating too. How does the process work? How much will it cost? How long will it take? We’re breaking down the answers to these important questions to show you how our approachable design team streamlines the creation of a one-of-a-kind home inspired by you.

1. Timeline: How long will it take?

While the exact timeline is project-dependent, on average, a new-build or whole-home remodel takes two years to complete. We like to get involved as early as possible—ideally before breaking ground or beginning demolition to iron out integrated design details. The design may take up to one year, while the physical work often ranges from one to two years. Your design proposal will include an estimated project schedule outlining a realistic timeline.

TIP: Secure our design team at least one year before breaking ground or beginning work.


2. Budget: How much will it cost?

The total cost of your project depends on its scale and scope. To keep things transparent, our design fee is a flat rate kept entirely separate from any other cost associated with your project, which we call ‘project expenses’. As a point of reference, our fee for complete, full-service interior design and decorating on a custom new build would be approximately $150,000+. Project expenses will vary greatly based on the level of materials, furniture, and decor we’re sourcing. Mid- to high-end designer materials will cost approximately $350+ per square foot for remodels, and approximately $500+ per square foot for new construction. Furniture and decor would run approximately $100+ per square foot. We will ensure your budget is aligned with your vision from the very beginning.

TIP: Trades and contractors will vary in how they bill or charge. Our design fee is a flat rate established upfront to ensure there are no surprises.

BONUS TIP: There are plenty of ways to elevate your home on a smaller budget. If you’re looking for simple room-by-room decorating and styling advice, stay tuned for the launch of LD Shoppe’s Design Consultation Service—coming next week!


3. Process: How does it work?

Our design services are rooted in streamlined project management to make the process as efficient and as seamless as possible for you. There are three main phases of our process:

  • Interior Design - This phase includes the design of the home itself and everything physically attached to it. Here, we consult on your architectural plans and establish a custom, cohesive vision for your home. We design the layout, select interior and exterior finishes, plumbing and electrical fixtures, design custom cabinetry and trim work, and spec hardware. When we’re done, it’s all compiled in a comprehensive design package, presented to you for approval, and then handed off to your build team.

  • Build Observation - During the build, you can expect ongoing communication and site visits from us as needed to ensure our vision is coming together as planned. We’re on hand throughout the entire process to answer questions and provide clarity for your general contractor and trades.

  • Decorating - This phase includes the design and turn-key installation of everything that goes inside your home. Guided by our signature Warm Modern aesthetic, we select furniture, rugs, artwork, lighting, textiles, and decor to bring your spaces to life in a way that reflects your personality and lifestyle. We take care of all ordering and receiving, and when construction is complete, we coordinate with our trusted movers and installers to complete the look. We arrive bright and early on install day to transform your house into an elevated home.

TIP: The most important factor in our design process is trust. We build beautiful partnerships with our clients when they trust our process, share our vision, and see the value in a custom, carefully executed vision for their home.

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