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Our 2022 Interior Design Trend Watch

A warm modern approach to refreshing your home in the New Year.

Our Design Team recently travelled to North Carolina for High Point Market, one of the largest interior design industry trade shows in the world. They got a first look at the latest trends in furniture, decor, material, and colour. Today on the blog, we’re sharing our favourite trends for 2022 and giving you the inside scoop on how to bring them into your home.

PHOTO: LD Shoppe Ottawa Showroom

1. Upholstered Frames

In this very architectural trend, you’ll see the fabric or material of the furniture piece carried all the way down the frame, so that it is entirely covered. These structured frames often feature playful curves and can be seen in armchairs, dining chairs, sofas, and more. We’re loving the warmth, character, and shape these pieces add to any space!

2. Cylindrical Legs

A statement-worthy trend is playing out in furniture legs. We’re seeing bold, cylindrical legs on coffee and side tables, dining tables, chairs, and more. We’re on board with this playful detail that adds an element of whimsy to more typical furnishings, making them conversation pieces in your home. Try incorporating this look with smaller pieces like a side table, lamp, or decor object as an affordable, easy way to get in on this trend.

3. Plaster Finishes

We’re no stranger to plaster finish walls, and we’re loving that this trend is making an appearance on furniture and decor too! The natural texture brings dimensional layers to your space while maintaining a neutral, organic palette. We love that it gives an unexpected “found,” artistic quality to everyday use pieces like lighting, tables, and vases that would typically have a smooth, clean finish.

4. Organic Shapes

Geometric, angular shapes are being traded for softer, natural curves and lines—bringing nature in. We’re seeing these shapes constructed in natural material across the board, from coffee tables and bookshelves, to chairs and table lamps. We love the touch of tranquility it adds to your home.

5. Sculptural Objects

Fine art is colliding with decor in this trend reminiscent of the Art Deco & Mid-Century Modern eras. We’re seeing sculptural vases, bowls, candlesticks, and objects bringing visual interest and natural shapes to living spaces. Look for decorative items with structure and a sculpted look for easy dramatic effect in your own home.

6. Wooden Bases

In this legless furniture trend, a minimalistic, solid wooden base meets the upholstery of the chair or sofa, creating a fitted seam. We’re loving these clean lines and modern shapes! Finding this trend on an ottoman is an easy way to update your look.

7. Natural Finishes in New Colours

The neutral colour palette for natural finishes is expanding! We love this fresh take on a trend we’ve seen over the past couple of years. Rattan, cane, jute, rope, and wicker are now appearing in darker or whitewashed finishes. This brings a modern, high contrast twist to the fine detail of this material, making it feel a little less boho and a little more elevated.

8. Seamless Seating

We are here for the clean, sophisticated lines of this seating trend! Seen on sofas, sectionals, and armchairs, this minimalistic trend means the seat cushion is no longer separate from the base of the furniture piece. This creates a dramatic, seamless canvas from the seating back all the way to the floor. The streamlined look showcases the piece’s design and upholstery. We love this look in accent chairs for more formal spaces where you desire an upscale look.

Let us know which trend you’ll be using in your home in the comments below!


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