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A First Look at our Terra Collection

This product line has been in works for a few years and we are so excited that it's finally here. We teamed up with Renwil to design and develop a unique line of lighting, art and decor.

Terra Collection | Leclair Decor x Renwil

Our idea was to create a unique set of pieces that were timeless, soft and feminine. They were inspired by Ancient Greek architecture, with earthy tones, geometric patterns and soft organic shapes. The sense of lightness and delicacy throughout the collection is achieved through the use of fine elegant elements like wood, brass and ceramics together with white and soft neutral colours.

This collection began with the custom design of a chandelier for our Westmount project many years ago. We created an iteration of it, the Basil Pendant, for this product line and based the collection of its slender lines, feminine essence and mix of sleek and textured materials. We loved the unique bead detail and overall impact it gave. With that in mind came the inspiration and design of our Bridget Floor Lamp to coordinate with it and add equal impact to any space.

Playing with the lines and materials, we designed the Rover Pendant, a personal favourite of mine, with a sophisticated multi-bulb details, encasing the lights with frosted glass globes and continuing the satin brass plated iron to complete the look. It's 36" diameter makes it a well suited piece for any space, from dining rooms to bedrooms.

We love each piece in the collection, but one that is especially close to Sacha's heart (and his creativity passion) is the Torreys Set of 4 piece framed print. This collection of photography was taken by Sacha throughout his travels. "Photography has been a passion of mine since I was young and when we travel I often get inspired by the landscape around us." Part of our signature look includes the use of our exclusive photography, so we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to include it!

Torrey's Set of Framed Prints Photography by Sacha Leclair, Leclair Decor X Renwil

The Terra Collection is here!

Click the link below for the full collection details. It's in stock and ready to shop.


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