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Design Details: Introducing the Chicago Project

An exterior rendering of the Chicago Project courtesy of Arc Shadow.

The Setting

Welcome to the Chicago Project! We've shared a few sneak peeks of this home on our Instagram account, and now we're ready to introduce you to one of our largest projects yet as it begins to take shape. These clients reached out to us in early 2020 after purchasing a double lot in a charming suburban neighbourhood just outside Chicago proper.

This is a dream project for us not only because our clients have been fantastic to work with, but because it's given us the chance to collaborate with Moment Design, an architecture firm whose work we've admired for years. They are responsible for the entire 'envelope' of the home, and we've signed on to provide turn-key full-service interior design and decorating. This means we’re involved from concept to design, build observation, and decorating through to final installation of all fixtures, furniture, and decor.


The Vision

We met with our clients to discuss their style preferences, functional needs, the must-haves, and the nice-to-haves. Our collective vision is a modern home filled with special architectural moments showcasing a mix of warm organic materials and raw materials like concrete and steel, inspired by the Chicago design scene.

Our concept overview for the Chicago Project.

The first step in our design process is to iron out the general materials with our clients—meaning the materials and finishes that are carried throughout the home: hardwood flooring, paint colours, trim, integrated lighting, etc. This lays the canvas for the design details.

The floor plan for the Chicago Project.

The Canvas

Our clients have a modern edge, so we opted for drywall returns around the custom doors and black-framed windows. To contrast these clean lines and infuse the space with our signature LD warmth, we're incorporating a plethora of texture throughout using materials like venetian plaster, fluted glass, wire-brushed oak, terracotta tile, and more.

A flat-lay of a selection of the materialse're using in the Chicago Project.

Once materials were selected, a lot of our design hours went into refining interior architectural details, custom millwork, and integrated lighting to ensure the home has a warm, inviting ambience to complement its design. Take a peek at just a few of the spaces we can't wait to see come together late this year. Follow all the progress and more project updates on our Instagram!

Kitchen Rendering by Render3DQuick.

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