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Solving Common Design Dilemmas

If you're facing a challenge in the midst of your design project, know that you're not alone. There are some dilemmas that come into our DMs more often than others, so in an effort to help you through some of these commonly faced challenges we're sharing solutions and tips so you can overcome them with ease!

PHOTO: Carp Project, Leclair Decor


While we love an open-concept floor plan, we recognize that they can be a challenge when you're looking to create defined areas within a room. When designing our Carp Project, we utilized an oversized sectional paired with a console table to divide the main living area from the kitchen and dining space. Rugs are also key in dividing open-concept floor plans as the visual transition between flooring and rug creates a subtle, yet defined separation of zones within a room.

Designer Tip: We always recommend maximizing the size of your area rug and ensuring the front legs of all of your pieces of furniture are overlapping the edge of the rug by at least 12"!

PHOTO: Carp Project, Leclair Decor | Shop the Look


Because each room is unique, selecting the right curtains and determining where to hang them can be challenging. When given the choice, we almost always select custom curtains for our designs as this allows for control over each dimension and the ability to maximize the impact of the window dressings.

Designer Tip: When hanging curtains, we recommend you allow for roughly 6" of overlap on either side of the window to give the illusion of bigger windows and provide a 1/4" gap between the bottom of the curtains and the floor!

PHOTO: LA Project, Leclair Decor


Deciding what to hang on a large wall can feel like a daunting task, but we challenge you to look at this as an opportunity to make an impactful addition to your space. When it comes to art and wall hangings, scale plays a huge role in helping determine what decisions will be made. In the Big Rideau Lake House project, our clients had a beautiful home nestled in the most picturesque setting. In an effort to not take away from the architectural details or the view, we opted for a large scale art piece to add depth to the room and complement the natural surroundings.

Designer Tip: Use painters tape to map out the outline of the wall hanging you are considering as this will help you determine the appropriate size and location for your piece!

PHOTO: Big Rideau Lake House, Leclair Decor


When it comes to finishing a space, every design decision plays a crucial role. Selecting the right light fixtures is no exception. We receive a lot of questions about scale, style, and fixture type when it comes to purchasing lights - and for good reason. In our Portland Cottage project we selected light fixtures that fit the serene, laid-back cottage atmosphere we were creating, but that were the correct scale for the open-concept the space. On top of style and scale, another critical consideration was the adjustable chain lengths for each fixture which allowed us to work with the slopped ceilings and position the lights at the perfect height.

Designer Tip: Though each space is different, we typically recommend hanging pendant lights around 36" above tables and countertops!

PHOTO: Portland Cottage, Leclair Decor | Shop the Look

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