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Design Tips for Teen Bedrooms

It's important to create a bedroom that will grow with your child and provide them with a sense of belonging as they navigate their teens. The following tips will help you design a space that will easily transition with your teens evolving style and let their personality shine through!

Teenage bedroom design with grey headboard and modern dark oak nightstand.

PHOTO: Teen Bedroom Vignette, Leclair Decor


Though their room is in your house, it is likely the only space your teen has to call their own. To allow their personality to shine through in the design, consider including a gallery wall filled with memories of family and friends, and shelves or cabinets to showcase items of sentimental value. By making small design decisions like these, you can add a personal touch that will have your teen feeling at home in their room.

PHOTOS: Carp Project, Leclair Decor


Instead of letting a theme dictate the room, we recommend opting to include colour and pattern. These elements will guide your selections for the space and create a timeless design that will grow with your teen. Selecting colours and patterns for a space can also be a great opportunity to ask your teen for their input and involve them in the design process!

PHOTO: Teen Bedroom Vignette, Leclair Decor

PHOTO: LD Shoppe, Leclair Decor


In their teen years, your child's bedroom becomes more multifunctional than ever. Create a space that can act as a bedroom, a place to do homework, and somewhere to hang out with friends. Maximize the functionality of their space and consider including a bed with integrated storage or making space-savvy decisions like allowing a desk to also act as a nightstand.

PHOTO: LD Shoppe, Leclair Decor


Invest furniture and lighting that are neutral and timeless so when your teens taste changes, these foundational bedroom pieces are versatile enough to adapt. To allow their evolving style to come through, we suggest that you lean on interchangeable items like decor, textiles, and art that can be swapped easily and more frequently!

PHOTOS: Carp Project, Leclair Decor

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